Tarlac, Province, Philippines

Visit to Tarlac City, Tarlac Province - A Sunday Drive (Loida's 1st drive)

Sugarcane grew along the Roadway in the same Place in Tarlac Concepcion with Loida. This Place is still the same at Concepcion Tarlac, their another Big Farm Sugarcane.
Mangoes Big Farm at Concepcion Tarlac. Mangoes is one of the Concepcion Tarlac like to Plants because it is also everywhere in a Roadway.
This Town is pretty good NO people bystander along the Road and the way they Plant is so Organized. Loida started to Drive along the Roadway where in only few Vehicle passing on this Road
Loida's first Drive doing 29 km per hour @ 1600 RPM at 12:36 noon on June 4, 2006 Loida just finished Driving the Car... for 
You are supposed to go where Phil pointing his finger... Still in the Town of Concepcion, that motorcycle is also all over the Phils. but in Catbalogan has a different one because it is Big enough than that.
Town of Concepcion Tarlac, This town is nice has many business. just looks like Tacloban... Concepcion Tarlac, I think the people that live here are all Farmers because I saw every Place here is been subdivided into pieces.
This is the busy Area of La paz or the Center for Business of La paz in Tarlac. The Place is pretty but it is still need a development. This is the main City of La paz Tarlac, A Town is just like Catbalogan that needs development, 
We just came from 7 eleven to buy Ice to keep Phil's diet Pepsi Cold. This is still in Tarlac City, See Jeepney is everywhere in the Philippines.
Just like a Picture below that is also a monument of Tarlac during World War.... Tarlac busy Place.
This is National Park and Entertainment Place in Tarlac City. A higway Loida Love lined with Trees, Loida's favorite Road.
Do you see the Road all the way of this Road has a Big Trees along the Roadway. Mcarthur highway at Mabalacat Angeles, City 
This Bridge is across the Lava ash, When it Blew up. A Bridge from Bamban Tarla, A different style that I ever seen.
A Sand from Volcano that just blew up on 90's where we Pick up our Volcano Rock also. (The Tree Hugger), Phil made this for Bennie.

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