Talibon Municipality

Talibon, Bohol, Central Visayas, Philippines

Guide sign between the National and Provincial road. .... Vicinity map.

GV Pensionne House, It is allover in Eastern

 Samar also, Talibon, Bohol Island.

Talibon Parish Church

in Downtown, Bohol Island.

In front of the Talibon

Parish Church.

Church behind the Tree. Talibon Public Market along the highway, Bohol Island.
Motorcycles waiting for the passengers. Downtown Talibon, Bohol Island going to Jetafe.

Goom Elementary School

Talibon, Bohol Island.

Guide signand beautiful road going to

Jetafe and Buenavista next Municipality.

Commercial building office. Municipal Park of Talibon, Bohol Island.
Municipal Building of Talibon, Bohol Island. Barangay road.
Bohol Institute Technology, Talibon Bohol. Roads are good all a way around of the Bohol Island.
Beuatiful Flower. Beautiful Flower in Bohol.
Pension House in Talibon, Bohol Island. No holes here, Good road is everywhere.

Talibon Parish Church, one

of the oldest in Philippines.

Talibon Municipal Building. Other part of the Municipal building.

Alturas Commercial Building

in Downtown Talibon, Bohol Island.

Water Gate Tourist Inn, Downtown Talibon. Motorcycles and People in Talibon Public Market.
Talibon Public Market. Downtown Talibon.

Talibon Parish

Church in Downtown, Bohol Island.

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