San Sebastian Municipality

San Sebastian, Western Samar, Eastern Visayas, Philippines


Canticut Elementary School and


buildings, San Sebastian, Samar.

Entering Barangay Timbangan, San Sebastian, Samar.

Man pulling the Carabao to get home.

Beautiful rice Fields with

a House on the middle.

San Sebastian location. National highway going to Hinabangan, Samar.
To the proper of San Sebastian is 6 Km away. Road going to the proper of San Sebastian, Samar.
National Highway of San Sebastian Samar. Beautiful Rice fields.
Rice Fields that goes forever, along the road. Bamboo houses along the Road most of the houses in Samar.
National Highway with Coconut Trees along it. Gas Station in a Coca-cola Bottle.
Oh! There is one smooth road here. Entering Barangay Nobongan, San Sebastian Samar.
Little Kids walking from the School going home. Big Tress being cut down and they just leave it on the Highway.
Peeling the Bamboo for the house Fences.

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