Lucena to Naga - Pili 

via Daet, Camarines Norte, Luzon. Land of  Dogs, Chickens and Flowers on the Road.

Our trip to Naga - Pili, Camarines Sur, Province, Philippines

Leaving Queen Margaritte Hotel in Lucena, Has a heavy Traffic.  _ White Bougainvillea near the end of the Lucena by-pass before Petron (last Master card, Diet Pepsi until the Caltex in Legaspi.)
On top of the Mountain looking down on the Pacific Ocean. A Guy who made our Photo in Bicol Province, Luzon 
A perfect cone Shape Mountain in Bicol Province.  Smash the Pinky in the Door jam when we get out to make a Photo.
Arriving in Quezon Province.  Leaving Bicol Province.
A Kid riding with a Water Buffalo (Carabao ) with their Father pulling it. Missed the Kids Playing and Walking back and forth in the School
Beautiful Candle Obre Lily in Camarines Norte  Different that I ever seen.
Big Town of Caluag Camarine Norte about 45 km. away from Lucena. One of about 500 Hundred Dogs on the Road way at Sta. Elena Camarines Norte about 70 km near Daet.
One of the Hundreds Chicken on the Road at Sta. Elena Camarines Norte. Duh?
Duh? Duh?
A road going to Naga- Pili in Camarines Norte. Duh?
Another variety of Gumamela in Philippines. Hibiscus in America.
Other Variety of Orchids. Beautiful flowers from somebody's backyard.
The Owner of the Flower that I shot from their Backyard. A Guy who shot as a Picture at Camarines Norte.
Another White Bougainvillea hanging from a Tree. Amaryllis at Camarines Norte.
Duh? Duh?
Candle Obre Lily  Duh?
Duh? Duh?
Candle Obre Lily Candle Obre Liliy.
It's a Lily but I forgot what it was. Duh?
An Orange Color of Santan. Duh?
Road going to Naga it's a beautiful and smooth Road. On the Top of the Mountain looking down where there is some Pineapple plants.
Loida at the same Place. Phil is saying " Look at our Feet included our Feet".
A perfect Picture on the the Top of the Mountain. Phil looking down of the Mountain with a Pineapple
Y Road and sign going to Daet. A Mountain Flower.
Duh? Blooms.
Water Buffalo with a Japanese looks smiled to us. Drying Coconuts along the Roadway.
Duh? Perfect Piture of Water Buffalo.
A Big Town of Talisay. Welcome sign of Daet but it is a long way going to Manila .
He said please take me a Picture. heheheheh Duh?
Duh? A National Highway going to Naga where there has a Lot of Curved but a Smooth Road and beautiful Trees.
A Woman with her Kids selling a Jackfruit. The Kids sleeping in the sacks along the Roadway with there Mother waiting for somebody to buy a Jackfruit.
Welcome sign in Pamplona Camarines Sur. Another Sign in leaving Pamplona Camarines Sur.
Welcome Sign of Naga City. That is a Sign when We are leaving Camarines sur.

Outside with the gardens of the

 Moraville Hotel in Pili.

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