Orani Bataan

Visit to Orani Municipality Bataan Province, Luzon Island, Philippines

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Lady with her kid waving hand to us.

Barangay Hall of Parang-Parang, Orani, Bataan.

Bataan Province Map  ....

Orani Cathedral built on 1714 and got damaged by the 

War II when the Japanese  

earthquake before  and was destroyed by the fire during World influence the Philippines.

Going to Downtown Orani. Km. 34
Downtown Orani. Orani Cathedral.
Orani Elementary School Storage area.
Marker 59K. Orani another Cathedral.
Front of the Orani Cathedral with people attending the Mass. Marker 60K.
Iglesia ni Cristo Church in Orani Bataan. Archway of Orani, Bataan Province.

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