Mountain Province

Rice Terraces and National Hwy

Visit to the Mountain Province, Sagada, Bauko, Bontoc & Rice Terraces

Entrance Arch of Mountain Province.End of Benguet Province boundary.

Virgin Mary after 

the Arch sign.

Kilometers distances of every Municipality. Welcome ( Mabuhay ) sign of Mountain Province.
 Pechay along the National Highway. Entering Bauko Mountain Province.

Ladies walking on the 

Mountainside road.

Ten Commandments. Beautiful Mountain and terracing.
Hydrangea blue, white and pink. The end of the paved roads

Come on Tommy these are

super fun to drive!!

Mt. Data bridge end of the concrete road. Clouds almost on the ground hard to see.
Nissan in the heaven. Phil too.
Mountain hard to see because it was covered by the clouds. Two cute boys one kid was hit his one eye by his friend.
Ladies with one baby on the Mountain. Cutest Kid and a dog.
Walking on the mud at the National Highway, No concrete yet but not bad. First bad landslide after the thunder storm. Just big rocks..

Sweet and beautiful Mountain People that live between

the two major Landslides..... 26 KM to Bontoc

Mountain People before second landslide Everybody was stranded because of the Landslide.

We were told it would be tomorrow because there is a

 Loader coming that we had passed earlier, we waited 

 came first, the Blue Truck went through we followed very

vehicles that were  behind us who were telling 

landslide, after we turned around,  we saw a Frontend 

30 min. of fixing the road. All the vehicles from other side 

fast as the rocks and dirt was still falling. We passed the

 us not to go, Better not to listen to other people. 

Finally the dozer is though the land slide!
Phil pointing the highest peak of the Mountain that we just came from the Municipality of Sagada. Kilometer marker - 4 Kms. Bontoc and 387 Kms. from Manila. about 1 KM north of the Sagada Juntion

They get the sand from the River to build the Road by  

 using a box and cable pulling it to the top by a Jeepney.

Jeepney being used as a crank to pull sand from far below. Mountainside Road, going to Bontoc.
Dantay - Bontoc 7KM - Junction - Sagada 12KM Road to Sagada

South side of Bontoc far below from

high above on the Sagada Road

Muwahhhhh ..... They only understand Phil, wait

I am hungry.. Here I am finished.... Get my Photo....

Phil pointing How high we just came from. Dantay - Bontoc 7KM - Junction - Sagata 12KM
Bontoc far below from the South. Phil setting at the Bridge with North Bontoc behind.
Bontoc, Capital of Mountain Province of Cordillera Region. Rice Terrace with the Bontoc Ladies of the Igorot Tribe.

Harvest Moment of Rice Terraces 

Every small villages here make a Terracing.

Road and the Rice Terraces 

driving on the Top of them.

Farmers using their Water Buffalo in digging the soil to 

plant new Rice ( No Chinese Tractor here.)

Beautiful River and 

Vegetables down below.

That's the Road at the edge of Mountain Province.  Village in Mountain Province about 11 Kms. from Bontoc.
Navigator's note. That's the road on the Mountain.
500 deep below. Small Family at the Mountain Province.
 Girls just loves Photos. Catholic church in the village junction from Bontoc, Barlig and Banaue.
Two cute little Girls from Mountain Province. Boys at the other side wants a Photo also.
Junction right to Banaue and about 11 Kms. from Bontoc. Rooster on the roof.

Terraces below and 

Water Falls above.

Big Water Falls just like 

the tail of the Horse.

Below Photos

from June Trip

A real Fuzzy Bloom and a Purple beautiful

flower that grows high in the Mountain.

A rock Mountain that being cut for a national highway. Mountain Flower.

Water Falls at Mountain Province going to Bontoc.

That is where we get a Rock that looks like Luzon Island in Northern part. Phil with the Rock road going to Bontoc, Tommy you would love driving these roads (No Laws) 
Phil pointing how the long curvy road.  Mountain beautiful flower.
Another beautiful Flower. Along the Rice Terraces 
Rock wall to support the Water of Rice Terraces.
Another stop view of Rice Terraces going to Bontoc. 370 Km away from Manila and about 16 km. going to Bontoc. high in a Mountain Province.
Another view point of Rice Terraces. A Beautiful rice Paddies that nobody goes to.
One of the most beautiful Rice Paddies going to Bontoc that no one try to go coz of the dangerous Road. Mountain Province and Chico river.

Below Photos back

to September Trip

Mountain Province Rice Terracing 

nearby into the river.

 when we go here on June, They just planted the  Rice

and it's harvest time after Two months. 

Drying Rice stalks, That's the way 

they dry in Bontoc and Ifugao. 

Bridge on Top of the Moutain Province 

along the Rice Terraces.

 We drove along the Rice Terraces,

Terrace on the up and down.

Beautiful Rice Terraces looking back to 

the Bridge about 100 feet deep below.

This is where the Mountain fell in front of us in June

when we came through from the other direction..

Phil showing the road approximately

12 Kilometers ahead.

Very neat and organized Community

including their Farms and Rice Terraces

The Village and Rice Terraces and it appears to

be Gold Mines in the Mountains.

Where is the earth

under this Pine Tree???

National Highway going up in 'S' turn layers End Mountain Province and Start Ifugao Province.

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