Mount Data

Mt. Data, Bauko, Mountain Province, Philippines


National Highway at Mount Data,

Bauko Municipality, Mountain Province.

The beautiful Villages (Barangays and Puroks) and fields 

of Mount Data Municipality far below on the Mountains

Mount Data Elementary School, sign on

the National Highway, the road and School

Mt Data on the National Highway, most of it and Proper

is away down the Mountain accessible only by foot.

St. Mary's in the Forest Episcopal Church

Mt. Data, Bauko, Mt Province.

If you are coming from Baguio in Benguet Province

kilometers of Hell all the Way roads" until you reach

remember this is the last Hotel for the next "49

Bontoc, but then the Hotels are not this nice.

Most tourist in the Cordillera Region only know about

Mt Data, Bauko Municipality because of the Hotel

Leaving Mount Data, Bauko Municipality, and 

the Mountain Province for Benguet Province.

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