Motiong, Samar, Philippines

Motiong , Samar Province (19 Kilometers south of Catbalogan)

Motiong Sign  _ High School students on the way home
Kilometer Marker after bridge from Catbalogan Road fork from National Highway to Proper
Town Proper  Y streets in town

Government office building

in Motiong Western Samar.

Motiong proper, people is just nice and having their own fun. Motiong Public Market.

Old National road, people is building their 

houses on the edge of the road, Road is very narrow.

Church in Motiong Samar. Motiong Elementary School.

Kids picking each other because they

 want pictures just after school.

Abaca made from Banana tree. Jeepney not overloaded.... (Why)

Samar has their own Rice terraces also...

What a briliant idea?

Baby got scared. A beautiful view going back to Catbalogan 9kms. from Jiabong, Samar.

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