Maydolong, Eastern Samar

Our trip to Maydolong, Eastern Samar Province, Philippines

77Km from Borongan Eatern Samar. ... Our Lady of Mercy College in Eastern Samar after the bridge.
Our Lady of Mercy College, Boronasan Eastern Samar. Camada Elementary School, Maydolong Eastern Samar.
Elementary School before the bridge. Suribao Bridge of Maydolong Eastern Samar.
Beautiful Island of Samar. Smile boys.....


Barangay Camada Elementary School Maydolong Elementay School. I Love Samar Island.

Beautiful and Big waves of

my Pacific Ocean.

Here is my Pacific Ocean. Kids in the waiting shed wants their photo too.
Entrance of Barangay Maybocog Maydolong Eastern Samar. Maydolong Elementary School goes in this street.
Maydolong National Highschool. I am going to get my mangoe.
Looking for the best one. I want those Manfoe at the end, They are big.

This is the first Mangoe tree

we seen since we left Davao.

Now!! I have my own Mangoes. Barangay street.
Barangay 3 Maydolong Eastern Samar. Long concrete road in Maydolong.
National Highway Maydolong Eastern Samar. New Society street goes to Barangay and the National Highway.
Barangay hall at Barangay 4 Maydolong Eastern Samar. Now!! I have two coconuts.

Eastern National Agricultural Shool and

Eastern Samar State University.

School building

behind those trees.

Long concrete and smooth road

in Maydolong Eastern Samar.

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