Marabut Town Proper, Samar

Marabut Town Proper, Marabut, Samar Province, Philippines


Street to Town Proper Marabut, Samar.


Sea shore

Only grownup we have seen so far.. Must be the town guard!!
Yard looks like a garden Boats in the middle of the day along the sea shore.
A great day for a Parasol Neat boat pulled to shore

We thought the town was deserted when we first

got here but it was just noon and hot

Marabut, Samar. Boats in Channel

Brgy Church and

central town street

Where is everyone? As cute as can be!
Some smiles.. East side street



Brgy Lipata




Municipal Building

and Arena

Marabut National

High School

Marabut National

High School

Street leaving town Some more smiles
Another garden The ladies are having a great time..

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