Brgy Legaspi, Marabut, Samar

Barangay Legaspi, Marabut, Samar Province


Entering Barangay Legaspi.


Beautiful River in Barangay Legaspi.

Drying rice inside the Road. Beautiful Flowers.
Narrow road going to Barangay Legaspi. Two grown Ladies in the waiting shed waiting for the ride.

Barangay Legaspi Elementary

School, Marabut Samar.

School building of Legaspi Elementary School. Gloria's waiting shed.
Barangay Legaspi information and planning board. Just cute playing along the roadway.

Purok street used

to dry rice.

Purok street of

Barangay Legaspi.

Small village of Barangay

Legaspi, Marabut Samar.

It is very unfair they are leaving in the Pacific... heheheeh. Barangay Legaspi Elementary School.

Barangay Legaspi Cathedral,

 Marabut Samar.

Cathedral. Kids in Marabut Samar...Love Photo..
Everybody Smile. Back of the Cathedral in Legaspi, Marabut Samar.
Why you are so sad????.... Entering Barangay Kaluwayan, Marabut Samar.
Rock Mountain along the roadway in Marabut Samar. Caluayan Palm Island Beach Resort in Brgy. Kaluwayan Marabut Samar.
Brgy Kaluwayan. He love to made his photo also... These are just kind person.
End of Barangay Kaluwayan Marabut Samar. Barangay Kaluwayan in the National Highway.
Sari-sari store.., Marabut Samar. Girls from the Sari-sari store.

Smooth road in

Marabut Samar.

Gas station in from the Sari-sari store.

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