Manila, Philippines

City of 11 Million People, Manila, Luzon, Philippines

Staff from National Car Rental at Ninoy Aquino International Airport. _ Loida is pointing to some of the damages of the Car.
We shot photos of the Car that we rent if it has a damage. Loida in a Car going now to Angeles City.
A Circle from EDSA going to the North Expressway.  Still in EDSA, See the Traffic that is everywhere in Edsa.
This is still is EDSA every Place in Manila is always busy A Terminal of the Transit from Pasay where the Ninoy Aquino International Airport is located.
This one is that follow the Cubao but when you see a Sign Busses do not follow Cubao just Busses. At the EDSA going to Expressway.
This is on the Square of Quezon City going to the North Luzon Expressway... this area is at the middle of SM Annex and SM north Edsa. Our tire is Flat that we don't know thanks for the Guard who saw it, We didn't observed it.
DUA Exit from Manila our Tire blew up so we changed it first at after at DAU toll gate Crossing Road from North Expressway, Caltex is our Mark always.
A continuous Road from North Expressway going to C-3 Road of Quezon City. KFC at Muntinlupa City. We're really not that lost!
KFC at Muntinlupa City she get hungry when we are looking for the way going to NAIA Airport or Ninoy Aquino International Airport. That Trees is al over the Philippines, it didn't grew big but it grew up to Sky....
A Saleslady at Robinson's who know how to print a picture from our Desktop. This  road going to Manila, there is still Trees going there but there's a Lot os Smog that's why you need to wear Mask as your protection.
A Place going to Roxas Boulevard. Roxas Boulevard, The Policeman give us a Ticket before we reach US Emabassy.
Infront of US Embassy Building at Roxas Boulevad, We just go out from the Building because it is not allowed there. Waiting Area of the US Embassy the building behind me is the Entrance going to the inside of US Embassy Office, Guard is stop us when we are shooting some Pictures here, They are very Strict about that matters.
Loida with her Passport at US Embassy The St. Luke's Medical Center it is a very big Building.
Outside of the US Embassy going Exit. Bay view Hotel at Roxas Boulevard infront of the CFO Office.
Santa De Guia Street from Roxas Boulevard going to Parking Area. US Emabassy at Roxas Boulevard.
This Road is in Roxa Boulevard where the US Embassy is, We called that Calesa that is where the filipino ride before the Jeepney and Trens Parking Lot from US Embassy Office.
This is the Sta. Mesa Road going to CFO Office. This is the Parking area from US embassy.
 The CFO Office at St. Mary's Good Sheperd, Aurora Boulevard. Another Flower that was taken in CFO Office.
It's like an Office but it was an Old native filipino house . Other Santan Color Red...
Santan in the Backyard of CFO Office it has different Color. The CFO Extension Office
The Extension office of CFO behind the COW Office. Loida going inside to the COW Office for the registration.
A Guide foe those who are applying to have Seminar. COW and CFO requirements theose who were going to take a seminar.
COW and CFO Schedule. Burger King Drive thru in a Shell Station going to Angeles City.
EDSA Manila. EDSA Tunnel Just straight never change your line or follow Cubao sign.

Landmark in Sky way exit to Magallanes 

exit going to EDSA do not follow Makati sign

It's your time to drive.... Try it you will love 

driving here just maintain the speed 100 km/hr.

First drive in Interstet. Yes! I saw them....
Parking lot in SM Megamall. Coffee shop at SM Megamall waiting for Marlyn.
Amy J. Orale always smiling simple girl and nice too. She is Ms. Arlene B. Llano, sweet and kind she loves to laugh.
Loida's friend Amy and Arlene at Coffee shop in SM Megamall. Marlyn at Star mall.

Arlene and Amy working in a Garments 

company but in different company.

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