To Lucena Quezon

Our trip to Lucena, Quezon Province, Philippines

Packing time at Natalia Apartelle in Angeles city. Loida is Organizing our thing's in each Bag. _ With things organized I will be able to have thing's I need without going through bags and having to take them all in at new Hotels
End of North Luzon Expressway owned and run by the Australians End North Luzon Expressway.
Alaminos City going from Manila to Lucena City.  San Pablo City going to Lucena City.
Welcome sign of Quezon Province.  A Road going Quezon Province.
Other Street of Lucena City proper. Phil talking to a guy in the Rain about a hotel.
Phil in the Rain after Checking a Hotel in Lucena city. Asking to a Man about the Road going back to Queen Margaritte because we are Planning to stay in Halina Hotel that are in Down Town of Lucena but it is Horibble.
Man is telling Loida about the Road going to  Queen Margaritte because we are in a bigTown of Lucena. Beautiful Front Yard of Queen Margaritte Hotel in Lucena City.
Phil going inside to ask about Hotel Rooms where we can stay for one Night. Margaritte is a Big Hotel they got Swimming Pool, Internet Cafe about 50 pesos per night, Big Function Room and some other thing's that the Guest needs.
Queen Margaritte's Right side of the Building. Parking area of Queen's Margaritte Hotel.
This is Queen Margaritte's  Double Bed which is about 2400 pesos per night. Other side of the Hotel where in every Room has their Own Balony.
Outside of  the Rm. 220 in Queen's Margaritte Hotel. I could say that Queen Margaritte Hotel is one of the most Elegant and Expensive Hotel in Town but you worth it because of a nice service and Friendly Stuff who always Smiled at you.
Jollibee at Pacific Mall in Lucena City, (Loida ordering Hot and Spicy chicken ) Stairs going to our Room 220 but they got an Elevator going to every Floor.
That is their Bed where in they put soft stuff above your Head so that you will not be hurt when you bump your Head. A very Comfortable Bed in Queen's Margaritte hotel in Lucena City  it is about 207 km from Manila.
Phil a model of Coconut Trees, He really likes Trees. Wow! Queen Margaritte;'s has a real Bathroom!.
Queen's Margaritte's bathroom that has a bathtub and with hot and cold shower, even the sink has hot water. A nice and very comfortable Room they got an Aircon that works right nice and big TV, soft Bed and Pillow.
They have an Elevator also if you are Lazy going Upstairs. The Big and very clean Lobby of Queen Margaritte Hotel in Lucena city about 207 km from Manila.
Queen Margaritte Hotel Receptionist in Lucena where in it is a Big Hotel with a nice Swimming Pool, Friendly Stuff and has a Nice Service where we Spent our One night of Travel from Manila going to Visaya. Billman who take our luggage from room 220 to our Car and of course Phil takes enough luggage for Four People and of course Loida doesn't waste space at all.
Candle Obre Lily Flower with has no ants on it. Candle Obre Liliy growing in the Backyard of Queen Margaritte Hotel with an ants because it has a sweet stuff on it.
Leaving Queen Margaritte Hotel around 10 in the morning where  it is 2400 pesos per night it is such a beautiful Place where you can rest very comfortable with a friendly Stuff.

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