Laoang, Northern Samar

Laoang, Northern Samar Province, Philippines


Guide shows Laoang Entrance Arch


More long good roads in Northern Samar

Boundary of Laoang Municipality after Pambujan and 40.1 kilometers east of Catarman Northern Samar

40.1 kilometers east of Catarman Northern Samar

Barangay Burabud Bridge Cathedral at Barangay Burabud

Barangay Burabud Elementary School being

cleaned up after the Typhoon.

Entering Brgy Rawis, you will have to take a boat soon. Laoang Proper from afar and across the river

OH! Oh! Trikes and trikes and

trikes everywhere and no fares to go

Just after the Typhoon but

the view is still beautiful.

Junction 44.4 KM east of Catarman on National Hwy to

Laoang Proper boat Terminal and Catubig boat Terminal .

Devastation caused by the Typhoon two days before

we arrived, the electric was out all over Northern Samar.

Brgy Rawis Iglesia of Brgy Rawis
Cathedral of Brgy Rawis Petron, the only pumping station.  Don't forget the Sari-saris

Road to Catubig Proper and the University of 

Eastern Philippines Catubig Campus

Our guide holding up the Welcome sign at the entrance of the Catubig  N. Samar Municipality

University of Eastern Philippines, Pedro Rebadulla Memorial Campus Entrance Arch, Catubig N. Samar
Man on left pumping water, Kids watching us. Mahogany Trees down everywhere from the Typhoon..

As you can see by the gage it was time.. We turned 

 unknown territory and NO MAP

 around and came back, we were headed into

is correct for Northern Samar

Jeepney driver wants his Jeepney in the Photo.

Typhoon.. No Premium.. But regular will work

Near the end of the road at 

Barangay Rawis Laoang 

at the Boat Terminal to 

Laoang Proper

Look at her long hair

Continue to Rawis Laoang and the Boat Terminal

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