Lagawe, Ifugao Province

Visit to Lagawe, Ifugao Province, Philippines

Just beautiful, I wish that we have this kind of roads in Samar. Trees on the road and smooth concrete road. Ifugao State College Agriculture and Forestry in Lagawe Campus.
Road before Downtown Lagawe, Ifugao, Province. Jeepney is the main transportation of this Town also, travel from one Municipality to other.
School Zone sign for the Vehicles who drive fast. Street after School.

More of Town Lagawe from

the Market straight through.

Down town Lagawe's

Municipal Buildings.

Legawe Public Market very busy today. Trikes waiting for a fare. 

Legawe's Public


Inguiling St and Molave St, Legawe, Ifugao, Province More Trikes at their terminal waiting for their turn.
Molave St and Pawikan St, Legawe, Ifugao, Province So serious and determined!
Teachers on the way home from classes. There is always a Jeepney and Trike nearby.

After the Towns that are used to Tourist, this is

rather a nice laid back town.

Inside Town Proper of

Lagawe, Ifugao, Province

Bridge out of Legawe, Ifugao, Province going to 

Lamut, Ifugao, Province getting a new coat of paint

Below Photos are from our


trip November 25 2006

Gateway to Lagawe, Ifugao Province. Bridge before Lagawe boundary.
Ibulao bridge. Guide sign Lagawe straight through.
Downtown proper. People in downtown Lagawe.
Department of Education Building. National Food Authority building behind the School.

School Central of

Lagawe and building.

Cudog Elementary School, Lagawe, Ifugao Province. Lady planting on her own garden.
Lady picking Sweet Potatoe vins leaves to cook as a vegetables (Green) taste similar to tart string beans. Man cleaning his own backyard while his wife is picking sweet Potatoe leaves for the dinner.
Hanging her clothes. Talking while waiting for a ride.
Washing their hands from the Faucet. White rose.

Beautiful White Roses along

the National Highway.

Got her White Roses

that she love so much.

River Rock but it

came out of Volcano.

Hydrangea Flower blooming inside the road. Overloaded jeepney.
Duck got lost. Talking and Waiting.
Lazy Hibiscus (Turks Cap) Sunflowers that blooming the whole mountain.
Got her Sunflower and White roses. Bangtinon Elementary School, Lagawe Ifugao Province.

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