La Union & Pangasinan Provinces

Between Tarlac City and Baguio City

Northern Luzon Island, Philippines

A Tunnel they made it for a Landslides protection. Most People in Baguio are Farmers they do the same way in Ifugao a Terracing, that is the way how they Plant here.
Phil sitting along the Road with a Terracing on the back. He only thought he had been high up before, now he has been all the way to heaven. Baguio City is one of the Tourist Spot of the Philippines because of it's uniqueness, Pine Tree, Cold Place and surrounded by many mountain and Road is on the side of the Road.
That is the Road Can you tell how deep it is... A Volcano Rock along the Road.
An Orange Flower blooms on the Tree.  A Place the Largest Shrimp that I ever seen about a quarter pound each.
A Women who are selling the Largest shrimp, They ask Money for there Snacks after taking us a Picture. A Bridge from Baguio City.
A road at Sison City from Baguio City. The guard told us to go and Phil ask him to come make the photo.. He left. Mangoe Trees that grow along the Road, Most of the roadway going to Baguio is like that.
A Mango Trees laying on the Road. Piles of Corn drying in the sun along the roadway.
This is the way how to dry there Corns.... A Sunset going back to Angeles City.
A different Trike from Catbalogan, Samar at Rosales, Urdaneta City Pangasinan This is in Moncada Tarlac City, We are on a way back to Angeles City.
Beautiful Flower but it's not creek mint, Looks like Lantana Phil getting our Eagle for P150, tried to negotiate, but no way on this.
Phil paying our new style of Eagle. Phil with a Man who made our new style of Eagle.

"Baguio the Eagle" made from Mahogany and perfect

coloring from the heart and outsides of the tree

Another Bougainvillea   A beautiful Plant looks like a Pod than a Flower.

Approaching the  La Union


Benguet Province Line

Loida, the now experienced driver with license

taking her turn at wheel thru the Mountains

June trip through La Union & Pangasinan


Provinces and Loida's second time to drive

Beautiful Flower in Baguio city  This Flower grows in a Tree.
Hibiscus  Dah? It is all over the Filipines
 Dah?   Dah? 

A Nanny Goat going to a Bath room and trying 


 stop the Kid goat from trying to nurse.

Another Bougainvillea  Another different Bougainvillea
Still Bougainvillea in different Color. Loida after driving alone for about 3 km over a hill to a stop sign with trucks and buses everywhere. (2nd Time)

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