Jiabong, Samar, Philippines

Jiabong , Samar Province (14 Kilometers south of Catbalogan)

Church from Jiabong Western Samar. _ Entering the Municipality of Jiabong Samar.
Smooth and beautiful road from Jiabong Samar. Duh?
Duh? Lady who owned the Flower.
Rose in a Pink color. Curve and narrow road in Jiabong, Western Samar.
Rizal Avenue in Jiabong Western, Samar. Hibiscus in White color.
Smooth and narrow road in San Antonio street Jiabong Western Samar. Jiabong Municipal building.
Going back to National Highway form the proper of Jiabong Samar. Basketball plaza in Jiabong Western Samar.
Mussels and Clams is the main industry of Jiabong, Samar. National Highway from the Old Nat. Hwy. fork to Proper.
Capital rear and Park right Teacher at gate and student walking by.

Side road to Camaro-boan 7.3 K but the pavement ends and

turns to rock and dirt in about 1K. (Time for 3 point turn!)

Nice Family that leave in a Bamboo house. Going back to National road.
Carabao wallowing in the water playing. (Water buffalo )

Get deep breath and drink a water because you are going back to a big and rough road again.

Sari-sari gas station in Jiabong Western 

Samar it is P50 per liter and they put it in.

Couple having a San miguel at the end of the  day along the roadway. They having their good time after the end of the day.
Our car is almost on the edge of the road. Dun! but it is an Orchid 

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