Ilocos Sur Province

Our trip to Ilocos Sur Province, Luzon Island, Philippines

Municipalities: Vigan, Candon, Sta. Lucia, Sta. Cruz, La Union, Balaon, Bauang, Bangar,  


Horse jeepney is also here that would 

be nice to avoid pollution.

This is one of the most beautiful town that we ever been.

Just passed Vigan.

Crossing road just go right going back to Angeles City.

A neat Municipal building of Bantay,  Ilocos Sur.

This is one of the oldest and biggest  church in the Philippines also.

St. Augustine Parish, Shrine of Apo Caridad Bell tower.

This is the Bell Tower

A beautiful mountain where the road goes at the middle.

Beautiful mountain with a long 

beautiful bridge in Ilocos Sur Province.

Phil in the long curvy road just after Vigan.

Beautiful view.

I Love my Philippines Island.

This is a rock mountain.

Phil saying I Love the Philippines too.

A curvy mountain.



Perfect view of the Ocean 

along the roadway.

Just awesome.... Oh! 

How I love to swim.

I Love the Ocean I 

wish I could swim here.

Phil blocking the road.

Distance sign.

Different style of the church but it is also a 

big and old church in the Philippines.

Candon City Arch. 

 This is a big city too.

Two Brahma bull following  .

 of what Phil telling to them.

Candon 913 Km  from Angeles City.

Municipality of Santa Lucia Arch.

What a cute picture,

 Lady riding on the back.

Santa Cruz Municipality Arch

 Entering La Union....... ( Buckle Up for Safety ) Why?

Ilocos Sur Province Arch.

This is the Vigan City.

What a beautiful bridge 

 but not enough space.

A bus.................. Hurry!!! Run!... Run!... Run!....

This where the floods goes to.

La Union beautiful Arch.

Distance sign.

Bangar Municipality Arch.

Ilocos Sur 938 Km from Angeles City.

What a neat motorcycle there is also a passenger on the back.

Loida's note 335 KM from south Manila.

Pig in a Pink motorcycles... Oink!...Oink!...Oink!...

This is the biggest Bell Tower that we ever seen.

Another big and old Church in 

Candon City, Ilocos Sur.

Just a smooth and concrete road going toa small Barangay in Ilocos Sur Province.

Church on the  top of the Mountain.

Municipality of Balaon Arch.

Houses in this town is far from theNational Highway and they had their own road to the National Highway.

One of the neat Barangay that we ever seen nobody leaves along the roadway.

Small Water falls.

Phil sitting in the bridge which is shaking because the buses ride to fast.

Municipality of Bauang Arch.

325 Km from south Manila in 1032 Km.

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