Hingyon, Ifugao Province

Visit to Hingyon, Ifugao Province, Philippines


Muscovy Duck ready

to cross the road

Chicken in the Road. Lady carrying her baby on the waist.
Baby with his Grandmother ( Lola ) by the road. They also want Photo.... here.
Ladies just chatting. Little Kid walking along the road,... Looks sad..
Namuldutan Elementary School, Hingyon Ifugao. Sari - sari Store with kids that wants a Photo also.
Name of the store because we want to know where we are. Gas station here.
325 Km. more to Manila and 8 to Lagawe.  National Highway in the Municipality of Hingyon, Ifugao.
We are going down... down... and down.. They stop playing and they pose for a Photo.
Bangtingon Elementary School Hingyon, Ifugao Province. A nice backyard and house.
Ifugao People are so serious, but have a lot of pride. Ifugao Kids playing in the Road.
Awwa Rice mill sign on the National Highway, Just wanna know where we are. Daddy and his cute little baby girl playing on the road.

Tropical Ifugao People

Hingyon Ifugao Province.

Mungayang Elementary School sign. Bridge leaving Hingyon to Lagawe.

Distances from 


Lagawe   KM

Lamut 23 KM

  Bagabag 30 KM

Baguio 307 KM

Manila 315 KM

Kiangan 8 KM.


Poblacion (Hingyon) 
Northern Cababuyan 

Cross road 315 Kms. more to Manila. Hingyon has a Population of approx 10,000

Below Photos are from our


trip November 25 2006

People waiting for a ride. Brgy. Piwong Hingyon, Ifugao Province.

Big White goos that hang around to make the

picture made and one behind the dirt mound to get away.

Left to the Hingyon, Straight to Banaue Ifugao Province. Started to the proper.
Piwong Elementary School, Hingyon Ifugao Province. One lane and concrete road going to the proper.

Be careful in driving, the road is

narrow but it is paved.

Hingyon, Ifugao Province, Beautiful well maintained

Rice Terraces all the way down the Mountain.

Long narrow road to Hingyon proper. Two cute little ladies walking in a long narrow road
Rice Terraces from the road not deep. New road to Barangay.
Concrete road after the bridge. Hingyon National High School Annex to the right.
Arh of Hingyon National High School Annex. School building.
Road going on up from Proper.... and up!!!!
and up!!!! Dat away.. over dar!!

Hingyon (Proper), Ifugao Province, Municipal Center at the top

of the Mountain about 6-7 kilometers from the National Highway.

Hingyon Policemen hanging around at their

station at the Municipal Center

Municipal Plaza of Hingyon. Beautiful mountain of Ifugao from the top.

Hingyon Medical Center at the top of the Mountain

and lady preparig her rice for drying in Proper.

Turks cap (Lazy Hibiscus) and Sunflower together.  Lady at bridge waiting for us to pass

Beautiful bridge, stream and mountains at Hingyon Proper

about 6-7 kilometers from the main National Highway

Bike waiting on our car to come up the mountain. Ifugao lady caring things as their custom, on her head.
Mom and son.. prepare to get photo made. Sitting around the Sari-sari
Sitting and visiting at the Sari-sari Store. Kids playing in the water on the road.
Father and Daughte walking along the road. Long curvy going down from the top and Municipal building.

Hingyon, Ifugao Province, Rice Terraces all

the way down the Mountain

Kids sitting at the edge of the mountain (About 2000 ft down) Big round Boulders that fell from the mountain

Big round Boulders that fell from the mountain

during the landslide, "River Rock"? Sure!!

O-ong Elementary School Arch Ifugao Lady walking towards the National High School

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