Eastern Samar

Our trips to Taft, Sulat Bay and Dolores, Borongon City, General Macarthur, Guiuan, Eastern Samar Province, Philippines

You won't see this in Samar! (In central Samar) It got painted a few months later!

 A Dog walking alone in the Mountain probably going to the fiesta.

 This Town is having their Fiesta we do this in every Barangay in the Philippines in different time depending on their Patronees.

A Candelabra Lily along the Roadway  


 the Town when there is a Fiesta in the center of Samar.

A big and cut kid posing for me.... . Little girls walking along the Road with their Parasols.
Black Goat tied along the East - West Samar road Looking back over half the roadway fell down the Mountain

Junction on the National Highway from Samar to Eastern Samar and the Pacific Coast Highway

Croton & Mahogany Stump (Baguio the Eagle made from)
Eastern Samar State University at Avid Municipality. Can-Avid Municipality Public Market.
Dolores Municipality  Boundary Marker Picking a Bouquet in the Dolores Municipality

Oras Municipality along the Ocean Inlet, the end of the

Concrete National Highway and Oras National High School

Dah? Dah?
Dah? Dah?

Municipal Hall of Borongan Municipality, Eastern

Samar and Borongan's Uptown Mall

Arteche  ....... Guiuan  ....... Oras
Balangiga Hernani  Quinapondan
Balangkayan Jipapad  Salcedo 
Borongan Lawa-an San Julian
Can-avid  Llorente San Policarpo
Dolores  Maslog Sulat
General MacArthur  Maydolong Taft 
Giporlos  Mercedes

Eastern Samar Provincial Capital Building, in

Borongan and  the Municipalities of Eastern Samar

Beautiful Flower from the Mountain in Eastern Samar. Dah?

From the Best Eastern Hotel  

Vicinity Map of S. Eastern Samar Duh?

Kids having a great time along the roadway

and Cathedral in Balangkayan Municipality

People talking while waiting.

Cathedral being rebuilt in Llorente, Eastern Samar.

General MacArthur Municipality, Eastern Samar and

it's very old and well maintained Cathedral

Buena Vista Junction at Quinapundan, Eastern Samar.. to   General MacArthur, Guiuan, Lawa-an and Marabut, Samar

Salcedo, Municipality between 16 KM south of Buena

Vista Junction at Quinapundan and Guiuan.

Guiuan, Eastern Samar, one of the most beautiful with a white sand beach in Samar that you will ever seen. Guiuan church on of the oldest church in Samar that being used as a home and a hospital by the filipino during World War II

Working in their Rice fields on a Saturday afternoon 

Buena Vista Junction at 

by the Quinapundan National High School East of

Quinapundan, Eastern Samar

Inlet and Municipal Building at

Giporlos, Eastern Samar Province, Philippines

Balangiga, Eastern Samar Province Cathedral

and Inlet on a Saturday afternoon

Lawa-an, Eastern Samar, the last municipality before

going into Marabut, Samar.

Photo below was taken on June our first trip to Eastern Samar we do it backwards from Basey to 
Entering Gen. McArthur at .
Proper of Gen. McArthur. At Gen. MacArthur going to Borongan
Motorcycles are everywhere in Samar as the main transportation from the city going to every Barangay. Archway of Borongan City, the Capital of Eastern Samar.
Church at Llorente, Eastern Samar. A small city celebrating fiesta at Llorente Eastern, Samar.
Beautiful road with the Coconut palm along the roadway.

 with the beautiful Ocean behind the Coconut Trees.

Beautiful town .... but it's getting dark ...  

 here is the people they are all cute.

Leaving Gen. Macarthur.  Ladies walking along the roadway...

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