Dinalupihan Bataan

Visit to Dinalupihan Municipality Bataan Province, Luzon Island, Philippines

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Marker KM 67 in Dinalupihan

Monument Layac Junction

Bataan Death March Map .... Monument Layac Junction
The Battle of Layac Junction Monument Layac Junction

American and Filipino monument


 at Layac Junction,Dinalupihan.

Marker KM 68 at the Monument in Layac Junction ??? Pampanga ????   Marker KM 75
??? Pampanga ????   Marker KM 81 ??? Pampanga ????   Marker KM 83
Monument and mile marker death march about 68km.  Cone shape mountain near Pampanga.

Where the new Interstate between Subic Freeport and 

Clark Freeport crosses the National Hwy to Olongapo

Downtown Bataan. Barangay at National Highway.
Long straight and smooth road in Bataan. Brgy. Saguing, Bataan Province.

Smooth and straight road in National

Highway in Bataan Province.

Mountain on the road, will be your

landmark if you get lost.

Man and his Carabao.

Building an expressway

 from Angeles to Subic.

Man and his Carabao (Water Buffalo). Always know where you are by the crabs for sale.
Pig... Oink!...Oink!...Oink!... Roosevelt Park
All these stores but No Diet Pepsi Crab vendor in National Highway.

Motorcyclist Club on a 

Sunday road trip...

Brgy. Nipo in Hermosa Bataan.. Long and hard cured...

Long hard curved in Bataan going to Olongapo

 but toooooo much traffic to have fun.

A long hard curved in Bataan

going to Olongapo.

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