Daraga, Albay Province

Our stay in Daraga, Albay Province, Bicol Region, Philippines

Overhead on the main street from Legazpi City Road over the mountain going to Sorsogon.
Vicinity Map of Albay Province and Daraga
Daraga City going to Legazpi City. ... The Mayon Volcano from down town Daraga.

Daraga Proper

going to Legazpi City.

Last station (It's a Caltex) that takes

Master Card going to the Versayas.

Going to the proper of Albay capital Legazpi City. _

Amada Hotel and downtown Daraga.

Downtown Daraga

going to Sorsogon.

Downtown Daraga Mater Salutis College Seminary, Sipi, Daraga, Albay.

Mater Salutis College Seminary on the Mountain as

you are leaving Daraga Proper headed south to Sorsogon

Downtown Daraga. School building along the main street in Daraga.

Smooth and concrete road going

to the Proper of Legazpi City.

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