Claveria, Cagayan Province, Philippines

Claveria, Cagayan Province, (Northernmost point on) Luzon Island, Philippines

Another long bridge coming into Claveria. A beautiful river to the South China Sea and Pacific Ocean.
Claveria map from satellite. Guide map going to Claveria.
Downtown Claveria. Claveria Public Market.
Down town Claveria it's a big town and it is quiet. Claveria Town Hall.

Claveria is where we had intended to stay over, however we could not find a nice Hotel... 


Also we needed a drug store for Phil's Lung problem from the Smog in Central Luzon....


There are no Chain Drug stores here, only Sari-sari along the way, they did have Robitusin and Amoxicilin though.... 


We drove on to Laoag, even though  it was storming and getting dark.

Claveria 619.9 Km. from Angeles City via east route. Claveria Cathedral.
Different style of church in Claveria Cagayan Province. Rizal monument that was donated by the US Navy.
The biggest Rizal monument place that we ever seen.  Claveria is a divided Highway back to National Highway.
Claveria from the map that we are using. North Luzon Map

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