Barangay Mercedes, Catbalogan

Visiting Mercedes, Catbalogan, Samar Province, Philippines

Brgy Mercedes and Fiesta 23-24 September 2006


Welcome sign for the visitors that may come to Mercedes for the Fiesta.


 Mercedes Barangay Hall, People waiting for the parade to come by.

Purok 1 Barangay Mercedes, The trike

Terminal after the bridge.

Purok 2 Barangay


Purok 3 Barangay Mercedes. Purok 4 Barangay Mercedes.
Baranagy Mercedes Church. Sign by the Church going to Mercedes Elementary School.

Purok 5 Barangay Mercedes the busiest Purok where 

you can find the Coca-cola plant, Church and School.

Purok 5 and kids playing at the ocean by

the side of the National Highway.

End of Purok 5.

Purok 6 Baranagy Mercedes.

All way to Purok 7 Barangay Mercedes.

Samar State University (Mercedes Campus).

The Samar State University

(Mercedes Campus) formerly 

Samar Regional School of Fisheries.




Catbalogan Comprehensive

National High School

Mercedes Campus of

Samar National High School.

Catbalogan Comprehensive High School. Story about the School
Purok 7 Barangay Mercedes. End of Barangay Mercedes, The Iglesia Church.

Barangay Mercedes Fiesta is held annually every September, It is the most respected, happiest and largest celebration that we have, Every household prepares foods for the visitors that come to their home even if they donít know them, they need to let them in.

We are celebrating the fiesta by entertaining the people that come in by giving them food (A feast) and drink (Including Tuba, a wine made from the sap of coconut palm) so that we can receive a many blessings from God.

We celebrate the Fiesta during two days each year on September 23-24, On the first day it is the preparation, There is dancing in the street competition performed by every Purok and School in the Barangay.

The Barangay officials create things to make the fiesta exciting and very memorable like game shows, beauty pageants, search for Mr. Pogi (the most handsome guy in Barangay), and basketball tournament, One of the most exciting when we are celebrating our fiesta is that we have a Baratilyo, it is like a shopping store where you can buy a lot of stuff that is very cheap.

We celebrate our Fiesta together with Saint Bartolomew our Patronage Saint who gives us everything and is always protecting us.

Purok 2 Barangay Mercedes, 

Ati-atihan boys ready for the Parade.

Entering Purok 1 Barangay Mercedes after the bridge.

Caps making the parade and the traffic organized.

Another performer for the fiesta. Nino posing as a beauty queen.
Falling in-line just getting started. . Boy proud of himself.
Other Ati-atihan group. Other performer of the Fiesta.
Boys who make music to dance. Long Traffic and Long Parade.
People following the parade. Costumes are made from unraveled rice bags.

We can dance hard but not out dance the storm that is

coming before we get all the way to the School Campus

Little Ati-atihan boys. Spread out and make your best so that we could win.

Dancing on the street to make everybody 

happy even there is a long traffic it is still fun.

Very young performers wearing a Rice Bag costumes.  Another performer painting their whole body.
Group of Little Girls, They are all wet from the storm. Here is the Ati-atihan (Igorots)again.

They don't care about the rain they want to 

make everybody happy.

Ati-Atihan dance and Costumes. Dancers for the Barangay Fiesta in the flood.

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