Iguid, Samar, Philippines

Visit to Iguid, Samar 5-19-06 and 6-21-06

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This is the entrance road of Brgy. Iguid from the town of Catbalogan Bamboo House Filipino's native House in the Brgy. Iguid
Look! A beautiful Blue Sea... Oppsss Driver slowly..Thank you.. heheheheheh Thank you Driver I already had a Picture of that...
Banana growing in the Street This is the Brgy. Iguid
Loida's Uncle Mathew, Her Father's only Brother Loida's Auntie Emily
Phil beside the Seashore he really love beautiful Places especially Ocean.. Oh! Who is these? Look's like a Fish from the Ocean... Do you know how to swim? heheheheh
Phil with Loida's Uncle and Auntie Uncle Mathew
What a beautiful Ocean again Oh! it's really beautiful... Did you see it?
Going back to Catbalogan, still in Brgy. Solangan Houses under the Road
Bamboo Houses. Talking nothing to do.
Brgy. Pupua you cannot see the sign because the Banana Leaves covered it. A beautiful flower at Purok 7-A Brgy. Mercedes Catbalogan, Samar
Barangay Iguid Day Care Center. Brgy Iguid Multi- Purpose Hall.
Waiting and chatting. Iguid Primary School.
Iguid Primary School, Catbalogan Samar. Wow! Finally we had a good road but not long.
Sitting and girls playing.

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