Brgy Estaka Buri, Catbalogan


Brgy Estaka Buri, at the end of Airport Rd, Catbalogan Samar.

Barangay Estaka Buri, Shot from the Airport. ... Tessie's Campsite a Parking Fee.
Tessie's Campsite. Muddy road going to Barangay Buri proper.
Beautiful Hill.

Their House has a lot is full of Flower.

Beautiful Flower. Muddy road to Barangay Proper.
Kids playing.

Concrete road on the Road.    

Just cute.

Boat in the Seashore. Purok Street of Brgy Estaka Buri.
National Highway of Barangay Buri Estaka. Barangay Stage.

Barangay Cathedal

Buri, Estaka.

Buri Elementary School, District of

Catbalogan IV, Playground and Bildings.

Barangay Hall

of Estaka Buri.

Following us wherever we go. Road going back, Mud road.
Beautiful. Mountain Flower.

Beautiful Mountain Flower

just Blooming everywhere.

Beautiful Pacific Ocean. Beautiful Island on the middle of the Ocean.


and the Ocean.

Concrete road. Note of Distances.
Phil's note.

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