Catbalogan Airport, Catbalogan


Catbalogan Airport, Catbalogan Samar.

Airport runway Silanga, Catbalogan, Samar. ... Kids playing in the Airport.
They made these Airport as a playground of the kids and it 

has two Barangay in every corner of the Runway.

Very Narrow road, you need to be

careful because it is very deep in both side.

Road to another Brgy. Gravel road entering to the Airport.

If you want to learn to drive, Just go here in this Airport it has a big and long runway, The Government just built but they never use it, There is no Plane land on here, There is Barangays or People lived here in both corner of the Airport, The kids from here made this as their playground, It is really ashamed that Catbalogan as all kinds of Facilities but nobody use it, They wait until it become rutten.

This place is where I learn hoe to drive, Follow the line and and you can speed up if you want too, These is the perfect Place to drive to those who wants to learn.

Main Office of the Airport, But there is nothing on it.

Airforce office of Catbalogan, Samar.    

Coming out from Brgy. Cabugawan, in the Airport.

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