Carmen Municipality

Carmen, Bohol, Central Visayas, Philippines

Entering Municipality of Carmen, Bohol Island. .... Resort along the highway going to Chocolate Hills.
Guide signs to Chocolate Hills, Bohol Island.

Two Chocolate Hills along the road.

Rice fields and the Chocolate Hill.

Buenos Ares Elementary School building.

Buenos Ares Elementary School

Playgrounds with kids playing.

Guide sign to Chocolate Hills. Chocolate Hills is one of the Philippines Tourist spot located in Carmen, Bohol Island.

La Paz Elementary

School, Carmen, Bohol Island.

Barangay Chapel. Good road, Carmen, Bohol Island going to Bilar.

Carmen Municipal

Building behind the walls.

National Highway in Downtown Carmen going

 back from Chocolate Hills to Bilar Municipality.

Barangay street. National Highway in Downtown Carmen Bohol Island.
Street road from downtown Carmen. End of good road because it is getting rough.
High school student ready to get home. Caltex Gas Station along the highway going back to Bilar.

Carmen Church along the highway from Chocolate Hills Loboc, Loay  

going back to Bilar Municipality all the way through to

and Lila.

Carmen Central Elementary

School with kids getting home.

Water Buffalo digging the soil to plant 

 Rice, Carmen, Bohol Island.

Chocolate Hills along the National Highway with

the Rice Fields on the bottom of it.

Nueva Fuerza Elementary School with

kids playing and their buildings.

Pretty rough but not

bad road are gravel.

Vicinity map. Guide sign straight to Loay and left to Sagbayan.

Katipunan Elementary

School, Carmen Bohol Island.

Sign to Alicia, Dagohoy and Loay Municipality. Junction to Dagohoy.
Good  National Highway. OH! oh! End of the smooth road.

Buenavista Elementary School

Buildings, Carmen, Bohol Island.

Some rough road

but not bad.

Green National Highway.

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