Abatan, Bugiuas, Benguet

Visit to Abatan, Bugiuas, Benguet Province, Philippines

Tall building looks Hotel but it's not.   Downtown Abatan, Bugiuas Benguet.
A sign that completely tell us where we are.   Bugiuas Public Market.

You will notice all of them are wearing a coat


It's cold here 


Downtown Abatan 


Bugiuas, Benguet.

8 Kms. from Benguet and Mountain Provincial border   Abatan Supermarket.
Abatan Farm Supply and Municipal Hall   The People.

Beautiful Root and Row crops Terraced 


the same way as Rice Terraces.


Gloria Tree's that was planted by the Municipal of Local 


Government Unit in  Benguet Province only.

Kilometer marker.   Two ladies with a beatiful smile.

A terraces but they are not growing a rice here it is 


vegetables and some of it is a root crops.


Phil telling


them to smile.

What a cute smile?.....   Cot Cot Talabis Elementary School.
Gloria's Tree the new program of the government to plant 500,000 trees in the Northern Luzon.   Phil eating the cabbage while Goat eating the grass.


See it..

         Touch it..

         Smell it..

Taste it..


Phil proving that it is not a Pechay that is


Cabbage and we tasted it to be sure.

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