Brgy Tukucan, Bontoc

Brgy Tukucan, Bontoc, Mountain Province, Philippines

Bridge north of Bontoc to the road to Tukucan Village.. Man started to Plant a new Rice on his field.
Center part of Bontoc from North. Igorot lady carry her vegetables on her head, That's the way they do it here.
Municipality of Bontoc at the right side with the Chico River. Truck getting sand and gravel from the River for fixing the Road.
Botoc, Capital of Mountain Province located at the heart of Cordillera Region. The whole Municipality of Bontoc from the road to Tukucan Village..
Long and beautiful River besides Rice Terraces which is their sources of Water. Bontoc proper at the bottom of Mountain made from the north road to Tukucan Village..
Bontoc Proper below from the north taken from the Rice Terrace Road to Tukucan Village, where we were told we could not go that day because they were having their Day of Rest no outsiders are allowed. Every village in Mountain Province has their own custom and tradition, Rest day is the most important day to them that's a big celebration means that they had a good harvest of rice. 
Lady farmers digging the soil to plant Sweet Potatoes. Loida just loves the Mountain People  of the Igorot Tribe.

She is giving 20 pesos each

for their snacks.

You just made them happy,  Oh!.... I Love this.

Wait everybody take a rest first here is 

the 20 pesos for all of you.

People here are just nice, They speak good English too. I want to try that.... Can I?.
How to dig the soil using this pillow? Oh! it's easy.. Wait I will do it. Put it in the ground and ... Push .... put the soil at the bottom and put it on the top.
Lady telling us not to go further because tribes there may kill us because it is their Day of Rest. Loida washing her foot from playing.
Two ladies of of the Igorot Tribe bend over because of working in the Rice Terraces all their lives. Water Buffalo a gave way .
Other side of Rice Terraces. Big River and Bontoc proper.

Bontoc Farmer of the Igorot Tribe and friend finishing 

and  80 year old Grandfather (Lolo) far above on the 2nd  days. this entire road is merely a Rice Terrace  

 working the bottom  2 Terraces their family still owns his Rice Terrace only wearing a jacket and hat as in the old

that is being used as the road to Tukucan Village.

Carabao looking down at us from the Rice Terrace above. Starting to Plant another Rice crop.

Farmer in Bontoc Rice Terrace below in the rain getting

their Terrace ready after harvest to start all over again.

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