Brgy Samoki, Bontoc

Brgy Samoki, Bontoc, Mountain Province, Philippines

Botoc, Capital of Mountain Province located at the heart of Cordillera Region. The whole Municipality of Bontoc from the road to Tukucan Village..
Brgy Samoki at the bottom of Mountain made from the south road to Banaue, Ifugao Brgy Samoki at the bottom of Mountain made from the north road to Tukucan Village..

Leaving Samoki, Bontoc going up

the Mountain to Bananue 46Km.

Road going down the mountain to Brgy. Samoki, Bontoc Mother and Daughter just after the farm.
Road south from Archog Hotel located at Samoki,  Road north from Archog Hotel going into Proper.
Outside Archog Hotel. Ridge brook Hotel next door to Archog's Hotel.
Two cute Girls with their uniform walking in the rain. Map
Bridge and Samoki behind. Phil setting at the Bridge with north Bontoc behind.

Bridge to Archog Hotel

The only nice hotel in Town.

Whole community of Samoki getting dark. Bridge going to Samoki.

Whole Village of Samoki across the bridge.

Bridge to Brgy. Samoki that can be seen from many Km. 

Rice Terraces from our window behind

new room in Archog's Hotel.

Lola from Samoki behind the hotel

working in her Rice Terrace

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