Eastern Biliran Island

Caibiran, Cabucgayan Biliran, Biliran Province, Visayas Islands, Philippines

Duh?  ... Caibiran Municipality to Biliran Municipality
JCT for (N) and (S) at Caibiran (All rough and rocky road) Church at Caibiran
Girl drying Coconut to make copra on new concrete bridge. Oink! Oink! Oink! .....

Queen Palm for Palm Oil... Candelabra Lily
Another beautiful variety of Candelabra Lily HS Students on the way home.

No matter how far in the mountains or how

High School (regular shoes with socks)

Students all look the

rough the roads to the far reaches of the islands,  

and College (black shoes with no socks)

 same and all so friendly.

HS Students on the way home.
A Portrait... Brgy Bariis Arch, Caibiran
Yes! we will pose for you to make our photo..... Wow! some concrete road in this Brgy. (Only 3 on this bike)
Brgy Usun Cabran Brgy Salawad Caibiran, Biliran Province.

Will be a great hair pin curve if ever paved,

the rocks are too big to drive fast on now.

Little girl and

her goat.

So beautiful here!! but just too far and roads too rough. Oink! Oink! Oink! ..... Let me loose..
3 riders and load of wood... Quiet the picture, typical friendly, Filipino Island people.

HS students will

be HS students

More very friendly HS students.. Coconut husk, Canas, Palms, Bananas and Mountains.
Rough roads and very fast with only 5 riders! Two boys playing across the road from their mother (below)
Chatting at the Sari-Sari (Store) Oink, I found something Good!
This is not a painting, I just made the photo while passing. The bridge as we are approaching to leave Biliran Island.

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