Bilar Municipality

Bilar, Bohol, Central Visayas, Philippines

Entering Municipality of Bilar, Bohol Island. .... Beautiful Mountainside road going to Carmen and Chocolate Hills.
Guide sign board in Bilar, Bohol Island.

Downtown Bilar going to Chocolate Hills.

Bilar Municipal

Building, Bohol Island.

Bilar Central Elementary School

Buildings and kids playground.

Downtown Bilar and the Public Market along the

 highway going to Carmen next Municipality.

Municipal Public Market, Bohol Island. Bilar Church along the highway.

Parroqia Del Senior San Isidro Labrador

Parish Church, Bilar, Bohol Island.

Bilar Parish Church. Side part of the Church.

Straight and smooth road with the

 Rice Fields going to Chocolate hills.

School Buildinds

Bilar, Bohol Island.

Central Visayas State College of Agriculture, Forestry

and Technology (CVSCAFT) School, Bilar, Bohol Island.

Purok Street, Bilar, Bohol Island.

Campagao Elementary School.

School Buildings. Rice Fields along the road.
Beautiful Rice Fields with the Chocolate Hills. Cabacnitan Elementary School.

Rice Puddies just started

 growing, Bilar, Bohol Island.

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