Bagabag, Nueva Vizcaya 

 Bagabag, Nueva Vizcaya Province, Philippines

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 Barangay Villa Coloma Arch, 1st Brgy of Bagabag (north). Lady with her baby watching as we are making a picture.
Local Street sign. Aurora National High School Bagabag, Nueva Viscaya.
Other side of the Bagabag Town Hall.
Bagabag Town Hall, Nueva Viscaya Province. Bagabag Park with the Town Hall.

Saint Clare College of 

Bagabag, Nueva Viscaya Province

National Road 

besides Public Market.


Public Market.

Bagabag Public Market looking back. Just beautiful, I love that when Trees are in the street.
Motorcycle almost our Car, Phil put the brakes so hard. Brgy. Tuao North, Bagabag Nueva Viscaya.
Brgy. Tuao North Arch. Chinese Water Buffalo replacing the Carabao.

Brgy. Tuao South Arch, 

Bagabag, Nueva Vizcaya Province.

Entrance Arch sign to Brgy. Pogonsino We are still in Nueva Viscaya but in another City at Aritao.
Bagabag is actually the Junction

to Santiago City, Tuguegarao City

to the north east


Legawe, Banaue, Bontoc

to the north central.

Leaving the Southside of Bagabag

going to Solano and Bayombong




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  We passed through Bagabag to and from Banaue last June 2, 2017. We like you place. Clean and beautiful. The watermelons from your place are sweet. But sad to say there are passerby who don't care much about the environment. Take a look at this video clip taken at Baretbet Bridge, Bagabag last June 2, 2017 at 3:47 pm here's the link at youtube Improper Garbage Disposal at Baretbet Bridge, Bagabag, Nueva Vizcaya
Gwayne | Cavite
Monday, June 05, 2017 at 08:52:36 PM PST

Permission to copy the pictures here to my blogsite By the way, I'm looking for sponsors or business partner in holding the annual basketball tourney SJAhoops in Bagabag. FYI, December 30 is the next SJA homecoming reunion. Pls do email me for proposals.
Vergel | | TAguig
Wednesday, May 10, 2017 at 02:40:07 AM PST

Please update this site. Saint Claire is not operating now while Aurora High school stop its operation in the late 90's. Thank you!
Vergel | | Taguig City
Wednesday, May 10, 2017 at 02:26:43 AM PST

I spent 14 years living near the Bagabag Airport. I have been away from Bagabag since 2000 (except for a few visits now and then). I enjoyed the photos. Makes me homesick to be there. Thanks for posting.
Mickey Williams | | Elizabethtown, PA USA
Wednesday, August 28, 2013 at 12:33:54 PM PST

Hello, to Ms. Glorie Julliana, my classmate of A.B. General in Yrs. '73-74- (of St. Mary's College now a University) of Bagabag, NVA.VIZ. Also to Mr. & Mrs. ARNEL QUILLOPE DILAN, wife from Bagabag..& Mr. & Mrs. Danny/Lezlie QUILLOPE Dilan/MARCIANO of Bagabag & Ineangan, Dupax del Norte, NVA. VIZ./ Browsed at Bagabag Airport & viscinities.// My commentaires was that, I'd missed again visiting in person such town in 2008!
Ms. Noemi Quillope Caffiaux | | 26, Bld. de Provence 91200 Athis Mons France C.E.E.
Tuesday, February 26, 2013 at 12:08:17 AM PST

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Manuel | | oEVwOOLGfY
Saturday, October 20, 2012 at 02:57:22 AM PST

I grew up in San Jose, spent my High School life there.....left to the US 29 years ago...hopefully will be visiting soon.
Nydia Nguyen | | Encarnacion Subd. San Jose City Nueva Ecija | San Jose, CA USA
Sunday, April 08, 2012 at 09:33:48 PM PST

Wow! this is great and the way it should be except where's the maps on this magnificent page?
Jeffery Davis | Hopkinsville, Kentucky USA
Saturday, November 18, 2006 at 09:15:23 PM PST


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