Vallehermoso Municipality

Vallehermoso, Negros Oriental, Philippines

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Don Carlos Ledesma National


High School with the students of the school.

Guide sign to Dumaguete City straight.

Going to Downtown Vallerhermoso.
Elementary School along the Highway. Kids walking back to School.
Beautiful Ocean. Dumaguete City and Guihulngan straight.

Don Vicente Lopez Sr. Memorial

School and all the Students.

Vallehermoso Central School. Barangay Road.

Vallehermosos National High School and

 the Students waiting for their class started.

Tabon Elementary School. Holobolo Elementary School.
Bamboo Houses. Basketball Plaza.
Iglesia ni Cristo Church. High School Students.
Our Negros Oriental of May 2012
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Road Construction notification Leaving San Carlos City
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Big Family and Bamboo Home. Bike driver waiting for passenger
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Sugarcane Fields
2012_05_20_6004.JPG (570325 bytes) 2012_05_20_6005.JPG (593512 bytes)
Don Vicente Lopez SR. Elementary School Vallehermoso
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Don Vicente Lopez SR. Elementary School Vallehermoso
2012_05_20_6008.JPG (565156 bytes) 2012_05_20_6009.JPG (523157 bytes)
Bagawines Brgy. Hall
2012_05_20_6010.JPG (577035 bytes) 2012_05_20_6011.JPG (577948 bytes)
Crossroads of Brgy. Bagawines
2012_05_20_6012.JPG (595770 bytes) 2012_05_20_6013.JPG (567936 bytes)
Sugarcane with cone shape mountains
2012_05_20_6014.JPG (554909 bytes) 2012_05_20_6015.JPG (592783 bytes)
Motorcycle Store
2012_05_20_6016.JPG (577278 bytes) 2012_05_20_6017.JPG (603393 bytes)
Pinocawan Bridge
2012_05_20_6018.JPG (544664 bytes) 2012_05_20_6019.JPG (602798 bytes)
Heavy equipment at Sugarcane transfer area
2012_05_20_6020.JPG (556659 bytes) 2012_05_20_6021.JPG (552609 bytes)
Bicycle in a store Kid in truck
2012_05_20_6022.JPG (620549 bytes) 2012_05_20_6024.JPG (593688 bytes)
Kids in the street Vallehermoso Poblacion 1 Km.
2012_05_20_6025.JPG (609310 bytes) 2012_05_20_6026.JPG (607838 bytes)
Standing goat Vallehermoso Gen. Merchandise Store
2012_05_20_6027.JPG (600177 bytes) 2012-05-20_6028.JPG (606872 bytes)
Vallehermoso Central School on the left
2012-05-20_6029.JPG (599963 bytes) 2012-05-20_6030.JPG (553067 bytes)
Store waiting shed Tabon Elementary School
2012-05-20_6031.JPG (620134 bytes) 2012-05-20_6032.JPG (607154 bytes)
Brgy. Tabon, Vallehermoso Elementary School
2012-05-20_6033.JPG (599672 bytes) 2012-05-20_6034.JPG (597895 bytes)
Brgy. Tabon, Vallehermoso Elementary School



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