Tanjay Municipality

Tanjay, Negros Oriental, Philippines

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Lourdes Ledesma Del Prado Memorial National High School. .... Man in the waiting shed with the National High School Campus behind.

Tanjay Archway

going to Downtown.

Downtown Tanjay. In the shed waiting for the rain gone.
Downtown. Bystanders and students walking.
Highway in Downtown going to Amlan next Municipality. Barangay Archway.

Tanjay City South

Central School Campus.

Polo Elementary School

Buildings and Campus.

Our 20 and 25 May trip through Tanjay City
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Tanjay City Welcome Arc.
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National Road going to the City Proper.
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Tanjay City Downtown Proper and the Trikes with a Cow on his Ride.
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Tanjay City Downtown Proper
2012_05_25_7007.JPG (588520 bytes) 2012_05_25_7008.JPG (581006 bytes)
Tanjay City Downtown Proper Some Houses and Jeepneys along the Hwy
2012_05_25_7009.JPG (555846 bytes) 2012_05_25_7010.JPG (588252 bytes)
Tanjay City Public Market
2012-05-20_6258.JPG (572470 bytes) 2012-05-20_6260.JPG (496524 bytes)
Tanjay City Welcome Arc and National Road going to Dumaguete City took the photos near dark.
2012-05-20_6261.JPG (597428 bytes) 2012-05-20_6265.JPG (594190 bytes)
National Road going to Dumaguete City and Trikes, motorbikes along the Hwy.
2012-05-20_6266.JPG (600626 bytes) 2012-05-20_6267.JPG (591714 bytes)
Stores and Trikes on a Ride along the Hwy.
2012-05-20_6273.JPG (459424 bytes) Left Cebu City at 10:30 AM it is 6:15 PM now and 198.3 Kilometers


We went through Toledo City and Ferry to  to San Carlos City to Dumaguete City






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