Sipalay City

Sipalay City, Negros Occidental, Philippines

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Welcome to Sipalay sign. from Hinoba-an Nabulao National High School.
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Entering the Sipalay City proper. Main street going in to Sipalay City proper.
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Some Elementary School along Sipalay city National Highway. GPAES Compound Brgy 3
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Sipalay City National road going in to main Downtown.
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Sipalay City Public Market and Bicycles. Public Restroom "CR" along Sipalay national Highway.
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Food Vendors right along the street. Sipalay Birthing Unit.
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Sipalay City Public Market. Alot of people and Tricycles everywhere in the city.
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Sipalay City Public Market and tricycles and motorbikes along the street.
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Sipalay City Public Market and tricycles and motorbikes along the street.
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Sipalay City Public Market and tricycles along the main street.
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The Front of Sipalay City Park.
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Sipalay City National Highway. Some kid on the street.
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Cerbana Family on Private Sipalay City Tour.
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Baranggay Mambaroto near the Roads to Cauayan and Candoni.
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Asparo Alvarez Elementary School in Sipalay City
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Road Junction for Sipalay 2KM & Hinoba-an 21 KM
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