Salvador Benedicto

DS Benedicto, Negros Occidental, Philippines

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Going to the Municipality of Salvador Benedicto. .... Mile marker to Downtown.

Rice Terraces in

Negros Occidental.

Guide sign to the right going to Sabay City

Murcia and Bacolod City to the left.

Guide sign Calatrava and Sabay City

 to the right and left to Murcia.

Spur 16 Elementary School. Barangay Chapel.
Kids on the top of the red clay mountain. Beautiful curvy road.
Walking to school. End of the pavement.
Soil of the Mountain. Be careful you don't know in front.
Philippine Army Camp. Entering Barangay Kumaliskis, Salvador Benedicto.
Rural Health Unit, Salvador Benedicto. Beautiful road.

Police Checkpoint and

their Office Buildings.

Too many people in

Downtown, Salvador Benedicto.

Flea Market in Salvador

Benedicto, Negros Occidental.

Selling all kinds of stuff

along the Highway.

National Police Office. 4 big Men in a little motorcycles.
Downtown Salvador Benedicto. Beautiful Mountain.
Mountainside road going down straight to San Carlos City. Long Curvy and Mountainside road.

Going to Downtown

Salvador Benedicto.

Farmers Men riding in the Water Buffalo. Police Outpost in Brgy. Pandamon, Salvador Benedicto.
Pandamon Elementary School. Sugar Cane Plantation in Negros Occidental.
Our Trip through Salvator Benedicto 23 Oct 2009
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Entrance from San Carlos into DS Benedicto at the top of the mountain.
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Bridge from San Carlos into DS Benedicto Brgy Kumaliskis 
09-10-23_2175.JPG (598149 bytes) 09-10-23_2176.JPG (594066 bytes)
DENR ..... DENR Don Salvador Benedicto
09-10-23_2177.JPG (577185 bytes) 09-10-23_2178.JPG (607740 bytes)
Municipal Hall of Don Salvador Benedicto and Poblacion.
09-10-23_2179.JPG (617842 bytes) 09-10-23_2180.JPG (564116 bytes)
Brgy Igmaya-an Big Lion. The most memorable thing in Benedicto.
09-10-23_2181.JPG (565592 bytes) 09-10-23_2182.JPG (626070 bytes)
Lion's Club Lion in D. S. Benedicto
09-10-23_2183.JPG (625415 bytes) 09-10-23_2184.JPG (584928 bytes)
Going down to Brgy Pandanon
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09-10-23_2187.JPG (613522 bytes) 09-10-23_2188.JPG (565614 bytes)
Pandanon and workers taking a break at Enia's Store
09-10-23_2189.JPG (583709 bytes) 09-10-23_2190.JPG (610671 bytes)
Pandanon Elementary School
09-10-23_2191.JPG (587911 bytes) 09-10-23-02158.JPG (603362 bytes)
Mary Ron Store along the main street near entrance from San Carlos City into DS Benedicto at the top of the mountain.





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