Pulupadan, Negros Occidental, Philippines

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Pulupandan Bidge from Bago City
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Pulupandan Bidge Pulupandan
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Barangay Ubay Pulupandan Negros Occidental
09-10-26_2421.JPG (580532 bytes) 09-10-26_2422.JPG (564993 bytes)
Trike carring passenger and cargo in Ubay Pulupandan 
09-10-26_2423.JPG (590638 bytes) 09-10-26_2424.JPG (498610 bytes)
Welcome Sign to Pulupandan Negros Occidental
09-10-26_2426.JPG (566418 bytes) 09-10-26_2427.JPG (578593 bytes)
Rice fields in Ubay Pulupandan 
09-10-26_2428.JPG (510584 bytes) 09-10-26_2429.JPG (570647 bytes)
Entering San Enrique, Negros Occidental from Pulupandan 



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  Hello Jolinda..haha Julie Ann ni gle remember? Tani mkita mu ni akun comment hehehe.. Take care!!!! xoxoxoxo
Julie Ann | julie.exotic_19@yahoo.com | Hinoba-an Negros Occidental | Cebu City
Tuesday, May 29, 2012 at 08:12:22 PM PST
Wow! this is great and the way it should be except where's the maps on this magnificent page?
Jeffery Davis | Hopkinsville, Kentucky USA
Saturday, November 18, 2006 at 09:15:23 PM PST


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