Mabinay, Negros Oriental, Philippines

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Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental Boundary and Mabinay Municipality
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Building a new concrete drains. Pandanon Elementary School in Brgy. Pandanon
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Pandanon Elementary School in Brgy. Pandanon
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Pandanon Elementary School in Brgy. Pandanon Mabinay Welcome Sign.
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Crossroad coming into Mabinay Negros Oriental
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Crossroad coming into Mabinay Negros Oriental
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Brgy. Poblacion Downtown Mabinay Negros Oriental
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130 Km from Hinoba-an and took 3:15 hours including stops in Shell Oil, Gaisano, photos and Ice from Ice Plant
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Brgy. Lumbangan national road and rice vendor along the street.
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Botica sa Baranggay (Baranggay Pharmacy) and Meat Vendors and his Sari-sari Store.
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Request for help cleaning the school before it opens. F. Vilar Sari-sari store Brgy. Lumbangan
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The road going to Bayawan City Negros Oriental and Sipalay City Negros Occidental 



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