La Libertad Municipality

La Libertad, Negros Oriental, Philippines

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Entering the Municipality of La Libertad. .... Martilo Elementary School
Downtown La Libertad. Sari-sari store along the Highway.
Nice road going to Jimalulod next Municipality. La Libertad Central School along the Highway to Jimalulod
Santiago S. Benerito Memorial School.
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Martilo Elementary School in Martilo La Libertad
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Road Construction Brgy Martilo La Libertad
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La Libertad North Poblation Primary School
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La Libertad North Poblation Primary School
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La Libertad North Poblation
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Brangay Hall North Poblation La Libertad 
2012-05-20_6145.JPG (615948 bytes) 2012-05-20_6146.JPG (568742 bytes)
North Poblation La Libertad 
2012-05-20_6147.JPG (555351 bytes) 2012-05-20_6148.JPG (571312 bytes)
Poblation La Libertad 
2012-05-20_6149.JPG (607489 bytes) 2012-05-20_6150.JPG (615774 bytes)
Poblation La Libertad 
2012-05-20_6151.JPG (555985 bytes) 2012-05-20_6152.JPG (567265 bytes)
Brgy Poblation La Libertad 
2012-05-20_6153.JPG (561271 bytes) 2012-05-20_6153.JPG (561271 bytes)
Bridge between Poblation and South Poblation 
2012-05-20_6156.JPG (605860 bytes) 2012-05-20_6157.JPG (588161 bytes)
 La Libertad Central Elementary School 
2012-05-20_6158.JPG (601620 bytes) 2012-05-20_6159.JPG (584277 bytes)
 La Libertad Central Elementary School 
2012-05-20_6164.JPG (569477 bytes) 2012-05-20_6165.JPG (611863 bytes)
Santiago S. Benimerito Memorial School in South Poblation  La Libertad 



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