Jimalalud Municipality

Jimalalud, Negros Oriental, Philippines

Entering the Municipality of Jimalulod. .... Tricycles.

Jimalulod Vicinity Map.

Highway in Downtown going to Tayasan.
Selling cloths along the highway. Bakeshop along the Highway.
Jimalulod Municipal Building. Building along the highway.

Infant King Academy

Jimalulod Negros Oriental.

Jimalulod National High School along the Highway 

going to Tayasan next Municipality. 

Tricycle Terminal.
Our 20 May 2012 Trip through La Libertad
2012-05-20_6167.JPG (611036 bytes) 2012-05-20_6168.JPG (637859 bytes)
Entering Jimalalud from La Libertad
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Jimalalud Entrance Arch Entering Jimalalud
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Entering Brgy 4 Jimalalud
2012-05-20_6178.JPG (544618 bytes) 2012-05-20_6179.JPG (602810 bytes)
Brgy 4 Jimalalud
2012-05-20_6180.JPG (608038 bytes) 2012-05-20_6181.JPG (603189 bytes)
Tiyanghuhan sa Jimalalud, Jimalalud  Negros Oriental 
2012-05-20_6182.JPG (494595 bytes) 2012-05-20_6183.JPG (590718 bytes)
Infant King Academy Jimalalud National High School
2012-05-20_6184.JPG (605297 bytes) 2012-05-20_6185.JPG (567047 bytes)
Jimalalud National High School

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