Escalante City

Escalante City, Negros Occidental, Philippines

Entering the City of Escalante. .... HDA Fe Elementary School.

Escalante City Vicinity Map.

Escante Town Hall.
Downtown Escalante city. Circle in Downtown Escalante City.
Motorcycles in downtown. Downtown.
Business Building. Escalante City Health Center.
Sugarcane Plantation along the Highway. Escalante National High School.

Students just giggling and

very excited to have their Photos.

Housing Projects in Escalante

City, Negros Occidental.

Trucks loading the Sugarcane. Tractor used to pick up the Sugarcane.
Kids playing in the sugarcane. Back to School.
Old Poblacion National Highschool. Boys going back to School after the break.
Guide sign, Danao going to the right. High School Students Bystander.
Escalante Elementary School. Escalante Municipal Building.
Escalante Public Market. Loading the Sugarcane.

National Highway in Downtown Escalante

 going thru to Tobaso and Calatrava Municipality.

Escalante Mall. Downtown.

Motorcycles is the main

Transportation in every Rural Areas.

Walking along the National Highway. Highway going to Tobaso and Calatrava.
Trucks loaded with Sugarcane. Couple riding in the Water Buffalo.
Trucks loaded with Sugarcane. Mabini National High School.

Mabini Central Elementary

School and Building.

Trying to figure out how to scape from the mud. Sugarcane Plantation.

Sugarcane Plantation in Negros Occidental

going to Tobaso next Municipality.

Elementary School building

along the Highway.

Guide sign, San Carlos City and Calatrava straight and Tobaso to the left.

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