Bais City

Bais City, Negros Oriental, Philippines

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Bais City Terminal Bus.  .... Cebu Community Cooperative in Bais city.

School Building along the Highway going

 thru to Tanjay Municipality.

Negros Oriental

State University.

Bais City Archway. Bais City Town Hall.
Petron Gas Station. Bamboo Restaurant.
Downtown Bais City. Downtown.
Waiting for the rain gone. Bais City South Central School.
National Highway going to Tanjay Municipality.
Our Trip to Bais from Mabinay 26 May 2012
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From Mabinay entering Bais in the Mountain. Brgy Mayoposi on top of  the mountain to Dumaguete 68.1 KM
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Fields in Brgy Mayoposi 
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Scenic view from Brgy Mayoposi 
2012_05_25_6984.JPG (582854 bytes) 2012_05_25_6982.JPG (558056 bytes)
Pointing to Cebu Island below hoto opt on the Mountain
2012_05_25_6985.JPG (584531 bytes) 2012_05_25_6986.JPG (582828 bytes)
Photo opt on the Mountain
2012_05_25_6989.JPG (556976 bytes) 2012_05_25_6990.JPG (569959 bytes)
Entering the  San Carlos to Dumaguete National Highway.from the mountain.
2012_05_25_6991.JPG (557285 bytes) 2012_05_25_6992.JPG (604130 bytes)
Downtown Bais and Negros Oriental State University (NORSU)
2012_05_25_6993.JPG (586869 bytes)

Bais Municipal Hall

2012_05_25_6994.JPG (610036 bytes) 2012_05_25_6995.JPG (601001 bytes)
Mercado De Bais (Bais City Market) Exiting City
Our Trip to Bais from Manjuyod Evening of 20 May 2012
2012-05-20_6242.JPG (567082 bytes) 2012-05-20_6246.JPG (578648 bytes)
Road at night. Bais going to Tanjay City
2012-05-20_6248.JPG (573065 bytes) 2012-05-20_6256.JPG (563827 bytes)
Road at night. Bais going to Tanjay City
2012-05-20_6252.JPG (538445 bytes) 2012-05-20_6253.JPG (558641 bytes)
Mercado De Bais (Bais City Market)
2012-05-20_6254.JPG (527744 bytes) 2012-05-20_6255.JPG (523304 bytes)
Road at night. Bais going to Tanjay City



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a place where you wanna live forever.. :)
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