Placer, Mindanao

Placer, Surigao Del Norte, Mindanao, Philippines

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Our 12-14 October 2010  trip to Placer, Surigao Del Norte
2010-10-13_4550.JPG (600940 bytes) 2010-10-13_4551.JPG (603824 bytes)
RD in the Morning in Center of town (no Guard) Cha-Cha Store in Placer
2010-10-13_4553.JPG (613917 bytes) 2010-10-13_4554.JPG (618103 bytes)
Placer Public Market
2010-10-13_4555.JPG (577713 bytes) 2010-10-13_4558.JPG (595943 bytes)
Mindanao Emiliano Florendo, Sr Academy.. Bad-as Placer Making Copra in Bad-as Placer
2010-10-13_4559.JPG (590353 bytes) 2010-10-13_4560.JPG (607829 bytes)
Making Copra in Brgy Bad-as, Placer
2010-10-13_4699.JPG (575875 bytes) 2010-10-13_4700.JPG (595199 bytes)
Placer National High School 
2010-10-13_4701.JPG (628385 bytes) 2010-10-13_4702.JPG (539862 bytes)
High School Students Carabao eating Grass
2010-10-13_4703.JPG (578958 bytes) 2010-10-13_4704.JPG (554876 bytes)
Bad-as Elementary School, Placer
2010-10-13_4705.JPG (621847 bytes) 2010-10-13_4706.JPG (527538 bytes)
Downtown and the bank of Placer
2010-10-13_4707.JPG (574707 bytes)
RD in afternoon and has a guard





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  Wow! this is great and the way it should be except where's the maps on this magnificent page?
Jeffery Davis | Hopkinsville, Kentucky USA
Saturday, November 18, 2006 at 09:15:23 PM PST


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