Dipolog City

Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines

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Our Visit to Dipolog City in 13 April 2012
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Finding Smart card at Smart Office Waiting in Smart shop to get a new SnartBro, because Sun would not work
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Street outside Hotel towards Jollibee near Dipolog City Public Market

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Dipolog Shopping Center  down street to east of market Jollibee down Street to west of market
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Dipolog City  Public Market  See Page of Market Photos with People
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C L Inn & Fast Food  See Page of CL Photos with People and Room
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Jeepney to Sandangan
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Trike Terminal near Public Market
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Dipolog Center Mall 
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Lil girl at Center Mall  Trike driver Center Mall 
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Brgy Central Brgy Miputak
2012-04-13_0008.JPG (622093 bytes) 2012-04-13_0009.JPG (563509 bytes)
Brgy Central
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Miputac East Central School on Quezon Ave. Miputac  Quezon Ave. Miputac Department of Education
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LP City Central Mall Street in front of  LP City Central
2012-04-13_0014.JPG (613561 bytes) 2012-04-13_0016.JPG (589070 bytes)
LP City Central Jollibee only had a Coke Light here
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Street in front of LP City Central 
2012-04-13_0018.JPG (572716 bytes) 2012-04-13_0019.JPG (556219 bytes)
Street in front of LP City Central  People inside LP City Central Mall
2012-04-13_0020.JPG (574426 bytes) 2012-04-13_0021.JPG (536945 bytes)
People inside LP City Central Mall
2012-04-13_0022.JPG (540512 bytes) 2012-04-13_0023.JPG (571936 bytes)
LP City Central Jollibee only had a Coke Light here Outside LP City Central Mall
2012-04-13_0024.JPG (590574 bytes) 2012-04-13_0025.JPG (570028 bytes)
Outside LP City Central Mall and all the tricycles available 
2012-04-13_0026.JPG (618369 bytes) 2012-04-13_0027.JPG (563954 bytes)
Outside LP City Central Mall
2012-04-13_0028.JPG (566447 bytes) 2012-04-13_0029.JPG (559452 bytes)
Street outside LP City Central Mall
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Another driver to see more of this Very Clean and Smoke Free City
2012-04-13_0032.JPG (626508 bytes) 2012-04-13_0033.JPG (572719 bytes)
Clean City
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Street to She Bans School..  Gillamara Building and STI
She Bans School.. Miss STI
2012-04-13_0038.JPG (606833 bytes) 2012-04-13_0039.JPG (612320 bytes)
Gillamara Building and STI
2012-04-13_0040.JPG (576822 bytes) 2012-04-13_0041.JPG (600826 bytes)
Streets to STI from Central
2012-04-13_0042.JPG (623038 bytes) 2012-04-13_0043.JPG (542238 bytes)
Top Plaza Pensione House
2012-04-13_0044.JPG (586089 bytes) 2012-04-13_0045.JPG (568271 bytes)
Top Plaza Hall
2012-04-13_0046.JPG (550359 bytes) 2012-04-13_0047.JPG (586728 bytes)
Dipolog Center Mall 
2012-04-13_0048.JPG (621197 bytes) 2012-04-13_0049.JPG (577791 bytes)
Claudio and Quezon Streets Miputac
2012-04-13_0050.JPG (581127 bytes) 2012-04-13_0051.JPG (626476 bytes)
Miputac East Central School
2012-04-13_0053.JPG (589409 bytes) 2012-04-13_0054.JPG (590081 bytes)
Dipolog City Bus Terminal Dipolog to Dapitan City 20 Pesos
2012-04-13_0055.JPG (601369 bytes) 2012-04-13_0056.JPG (598506 bytes)
Dipolog to Dapitan 20 Pesos
2012-04-13_0058.JPG (555562 bytes) 2012-04-13_0060.JPG (598284 bytes)
2012-04-13_0061.JPG (597742 bytes) 2012-04-13_0062.JPG (579761 bytes)
2012-04-13_0063.JPG (621996 bytes) 2012-04-13_0064.JPG (572273 bytes)
2012-04-13_0065.JPG (579939 bytes) 2012-04-13_0066.JPG (597224 bytes)
Road to Dapitan City and Rizal Shrine in Talisay
2012-04-13_0067.JPG (541931 bytes) 2012-04-13_0069.JPG (521139 bytes)
River going out of Town People on bus to Dapitan
2012-04-13_0070.JPG (577266 bytes) 2012-04-13_0071.JPG (614576 bytes)
Zamboanga del Norte Medical Center (new) Road to Dapitan
2012-04-13_0216.JPG (628443 bytes) 2012-04-13_0217.JPG (562099 bytes)
Road to Port of Dapitan
2012-04-13_0218.JPG (539741 bytes) 2012-04-13_0219.JPG (608274 bytes)
Road to Port of Dapitan
2012-04-13_0220.JPG (519419 bytes) 2012-04-13_0221.JPG (618301 bytes)
Road to Port of Dapitan
2012-04-13_0222.JPG (631127 bytes) 2012-04-13_0223.JPG (588483 bytes)
Road back to Dipolog after my visit to Rizal Shrine in Dapitan City
2012-04-13_0224.JPG (584853 bytes) 2012-04-13_0225.JPG (586375 bytes)
Truck stopped for days on Hwy and Welcome to Dipolog City Sign
2012-04-13_0227.JPG (568259 bytes) 2012-04-13_0228.JPG (608602 bytes)
Leaving Brgy Larayan Road back to Dipolog 
2012-04-13_0229.JPG (615534 bytes) 2012-04-13_0230.JPG (585382 bytes)
Driver andpeople on bus back from Dapitan to Dipolog
2012-04-13_0231.JPG (600274 bytes) 2012-04-13_0232.JPG (620220 bytes)
Road back to Dipolog and turn to get to Old Airport Access Road 
2012-04-13_0233.JPG (575635 bytes) 2012-04-13_0234.JPG (556085 bytes)
Zamboanga del Norte Medical Center (new)
2012-04-13_0235.JPG (585446 bytes) 2012-04-13_0236.JPG (573814 bytes)
2012-04-13_0237.JPG (491974 bytes) 2012-04-13_0238.JPG (560892 bytes)
Dipolog City Institute of Tecnology Dipolog City Water District Offices HQ
2012-04-13_0239.JPG (566875 bytes) 2012-04-13_0240.JPG (585950 bytes)
2012-04-13_0241.JPG (582917 bytes) 2012-04-13_0242.JPG (595713 bytes)
2012-04-13_0243.JPG (574568 bytes) 2012-04-13_0244.JPG (615409 bytes)
Brgy Estaka
2012-04-13_0245.JPG (568863 bytes) 2012-04-14_8780.JPG (631856 bytes)
Leaving C L Inn going to Dipolog City Airport
2012-04-14_8781.JPG (586211 bytes) 2012-04-14_8782.JPG (475611 bytes)
Tricycle to Airport
2012-04-14_8783.JPG (563734 bytes) 2012-04-14_8784.JPG (588092 bytes)
Tricycle to Airport at 7:30 AM
2012-04-14_8785.JPG (580663 bytes) 2012-04-14_8786.JPG (579566 bytes)
Tricycle to Airport Old Zamboanga del Norte Medical Center
2012-04-14_8787.JPG (613055 bytes) 2012-04-14_8788.JPG (588692 bytes)
Road to Airport
2012-04-14_8789.JPG (574398 bytes) 2012-04-14_8790.JPG (599692 bytes)
Road to Airport
2012-04-14_8792.JPG (583483 bytes) 2012-04-14_8793.JPG (536789 bytes)
River with Boats tied off below and bridge on road to Airport
2012-04-14_8794.JPG (563157 bytes) 2012-04-14_8795.JPG (599207 bytes)
Dipolog City Airport Entrance from Central and Airport Terminal



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  Dipolog best city to be
Thomas | maynila@web.de | Germany
Saturday, November 05, 2016 at 05:16:13 AM PST

Day imong panty orange loag og garter
tamolmol | Tambang, Adicor
Tuesday, March 03, 2015 at 06:11:41 AM PST

nice photo shot evry corner of my place,i love dipolog,
bob | bobbynadorra@yahoo.com | magsaysay,brgy.miputak dipolog city
Monday, March 18, 2013 at 06:17:54 PM PST

i miss my home dipolog.. just to walk at the walk along the seashore.. :)
native | america
Monday, February 25, 2013 at 07:31:25 PM PST

These Photos were made especially for my friend Loraine from Home Depot Commerical Desk in Tampa Florida of her home town Dipolog City
Phil King | Tampa, Florida
Wednesday, June 13, 2012 at 09:21:56 AM PST


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