Tabuelan, Cebu

Tabuelan, Cebu, Philippines

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Our Trip to Tabuelan Saturday 9 May 2012
2012-06-09_9369.JPG (577651 bytes)
Tabuelan Welcome Sign.
2012-06-09_9373.JPG (597204 bytes) 2012-06-09_9374.JPG (618583 bytes)
Tabuelan Welcome Sign.
2012-06-09_9375.JPG (577757 bytes) 2012-06-09_9376.JPG (547591 bytes)
Chicken Hen with her baby chickens along the street :) National Highway
2012-06-09_9377.JPG (616117 bytes) 2012-06-09_9378.JPG (619508 bytes)
Cute Little Family playing along the street. National Highway
2012-06-09_9379.JPG (567522 bytes) 2012-06-09_9380.JPG (627985 bytes)
Getting closer to Tabuelan Proper Downtown
2012-06-09_9381.JPG (548909 bytes) ..... 2012-06-09_9382.JPG (550365 bytes)
Tabunok Brgy Hall Tabulan Cebu Tabunok Brgy Hall BasketBall Court
2012-06-09_9384.JPG (570226 bytes) 2012-06-09_9385.JPG (579764 bytes)
Olivo Elementary School
2012-06-09_9386.JPG (561818 bytes) 2012-06-09_9387.JPG (576065 bytes)
Road going closer through Olivo Brgy Hall Olivo Brgy Hall
2012-06-09_9388.JPG (554545 bytes) 2012-06-09_9389.JPG (611087 bytes)
Olivo Brgy Hall Chapel in Tabuelan
2012-06-09_9390.JPG (607308 bytes) 2012-06-09_9391.JPG (625780 bytes)
Chapel in Tabuelan
2012-06-09_9392.JPG (638553 bytes)
Isn't it amazing :) One Happy Family on Ride of their Habal-Habal 




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Wow! this is great and the way it should be except where's the maps on this magnificent page?
Jeffery Davis | Hopkinsville, Kentucky USA
Saturday, June 09, 2012 at 09:15:23 PM PST



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