Basilica del Sto Niño, Cebu City

Sto Niño Church, Cebu City, Philippines

The Basílica Minore del Santo Niño, the oldest church in the Philippines.

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Our trip 11 January 2011 to Santo Niño during Sinulog
2011_01_11_5498.JPG (601735 bytes) ..... 2011_01_11_5499.JPG (558523 bytes)
Tues the 11th January before Sinulog on the Sunday the 16th
2011_01_11_5500.JPG (561604 bytes) 2011_01_11_5501.JPG (625506 bytes)
Worshipers of Sto Niño in the Courtyard outside the Church and on the Streets
2011_01_11_5502.JPG (602929 bytes) 2011_01_11_5503.JPG (623363 bytes)
Worshipers of Sto Niño in the Courtyard outside the Church and on the Streets
2011_01_11_5504.JPG (624324 bytes)
Thousands of Worshipers of Sto Niño
Our trip 11 April 2011 to Santo Niño
2011_04_11_5382.JPG (613802 bytes) 2011_04_11_5383.JPG (578511 bytes)
Front of Basílica del Sto Niño, completed 1739, first built in 1566.. Minor Basilica 1965 order of St Augustine
2011_04_11_5384.JPG (611870 bytes) 2011_04_11_5385.JPG (546364 bytes)
Beautiful Alter Basílica del Sto Niño Worshipers in Sto Niño
2011_04_11_5386.JPG (610066 bytes) 2011_04_11_5387.JPG (581394 bytes)
Inside Alter Basílica Sto Niño Basílica Sto Niño Amplithreatre for large Mass
2011_04_11_5389.JPG (585160 bytes) 2011_04_11_5390.JPG (567920 bytes)
Phil and Jabee at Jollibee Sto Niño
Our trip 4 April 2011 to Santo Niño
2011_04_14_5404.JPG (1382324 bytes) 2011_04_14_5405.JPG (1408499 bytes)
The Basílica Minore del Santo Niño, the oldest church in the Philippines.
2011_04_14_5406.JPG (1462496 bytes) 2011_04_14_5407.JPG (1521584 bytes)
Thousands of Worshipers of Santo Niño inside and out.
2011_04_14_5408.JPG (1499057 bytes)
Thousands of Worshipers of Santo Niño inside and out.
Our trip 1 July 2011 to Santo Niño
2011_07_01_6258.JPG (585853 bytes)
Thousands of Worshipers of Sto Niño inside and out.
2011_07_01_6259.JPG (590929 bytes) 2011_07_01_6261.JPG (600418 bytes)
Attending Mass outside At the Alter of Sto Niño
2011_07_01_6262.JPG (556210 bytes) 2011_07_01_6263.JPG (585634 bytes)
At the Alter of Sto Niño
Our trip 2 January 2012 to Sto. Nino
2012_01_02_9436.JPG (556389 bytes) 2012_01_02_9437.JPG (597241 bytes)
Jerry and Joy.. we are going to Sto Niño Jerry at Jollibee Sto Niño
2012_01_02_9438.JPG (604148 bytes) 2012_01_03_9446.JPG (584194 bytes)
Phil King and Jerry Hines at Jollibee Sto Niño Municipal Hall in front of Sto Niño
2012_01_03_9450.JPG (523092 bytes) 2012_01_03_9452.JPG (582387 bytes)
Jerry, Joy and Phil going into Sto Niño
2012_01_03_9453.JPG (589108 bytes) 2012_01_03_9454.JPG (594254 bytes)
Jerry, Joy and Phil going into Sto Niño
2012_01_03_9455.JPG (572277 bytes)
Alter at Sto Niño
Our trip Palm Sunday 31 March 2012 to Sto. Nino
2012-03-31_9902.JPG (615824 bytes) 2012-03-31_9903.JPG (581398 bytes)
Lady and little girl selling Palm Crosses
2012-03-31_9906.JPG (598194 bytes) 2012-03-31_9907.JPG (580880 bytes)
Candle for blessings for souls of their people
2012-03-31_9908.JPG (572566 bytes) 2012-03-31_9911.JPG (614217 bytes)
Little Girl burning her candle Sto Niño Amphitheatre
2012-03-31_9912.JPG (560011 bytes) 2012-03-31_9913.JPG (614039 bytes)
Sto Niño Amphitheatre Selling Palm Crosses





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