St. Michael Archangel Parish

 Argao Cathedral, Southern Cebu, Philippines


In front of the Church with the unique style of the Church in Argao, Cebu.


In front of the Church with the Motorcyles waiting for the Passengers.

Porch of the Church.

The Saint Michael D Archangel Church.


Bell Tower.

St. Michael D Archangel Monument.

Hard to get the pictures of the whole Church.

Parking area of the church.

Priest monument

Attending the Mass

Beautiful view of the altar.

Left is where you

put Candles to pray.

Unique style

of the roof.

Altars and the roofs

Chairs inside of the Church.

In front Doors.

Everything is looks like a Golds.

The Unique style in the 

 inside of the Church.


Hard to get Picture of the Bell Tower.

Gardens at the Back of the Church.

Backyard of the Church.

Old Bell Tower of the Church.

Inside view of the Church.

Argao became a parish in 1703, which prompted the construction of a beautiful rococo-baroque church structure in 1734 and was completed in 1788. The church was renovated for its bicentennial celebration in 1988. Despite some renovations and modernizations done to it, the San Miguél Archangel Parish still remains one of the richly furnished churches in the South.

Old church of Saint Michael D Archangel.


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