San Remigio, Cebu

San Remigio, Cebu, Philippines

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Entering the Municipality of San Remigio.


Cock Fight Arena in San Remigio.

Angawanon Elementary

School Campus.

Tricycles Terminal.

Highway in Downtown San Remigio going thru to Toledo.

Looc Elementary

School Campus.

National Highway going to Toledo.

Lawis Elementary School.

Our Trip to San Remigio Saturday 9 May 2012
2012_06_09_9393.JPG (610364 bytes) 2012_06_09_9394.JPG (583931 bytes)
Entering the Municipality of San Remegio coming from Balamban, Asturias, Tuboran and Tabuelan
2012_06_09_9395.JPG (602431 bytes) 2012_06_09_9396.JPG (559792 bytes)
Took a photo of this cute little girl with her sisters walking along the street. :)
2012_06_09_9397.JPG (618759 bytes) 2012_06_09_9398.JPG (613264 bytes)
Little girl hanging out alone outside House :) Bridge in San Remegio
2012_06_09_9399.JPG (572958 bytes) 2012_06_09_9400.JPG (603910 bytes)
20 KM to the San Remegio proper. Kinawahan Elementary School
2012_06_09_9401.JPG (556733 bytes) 2012_06_09_9402.JPG (609273 bytes)
Kinawahan Elementary School
2012_06_09_9403.JPG (585700 bytes) 2012_06_09_9404.JPG (615125 bytes)
Tacup Elementary School
2012_06_09_9405.JPG (625005 bytes) 2012_06_09_9406.JPG (583824 bytes)
DapDap Elementary School
2012_06_09_9407.JPG (597748 bytes) 2012_06_09_9408.JPG (569785 bytes)
Nice People and Mini Store along the street.And very cute babies
2012_06_09_9409.JPG (494728 bytes) 2012_06_09_9410.JPG (577063 bytes)
O..Oohh.. Poor Pigs ready to the Market. :) Fish Vendors along the street.
2012_06_09_9412.JPG (551241 bytes) 2012_06_09_9413.JPG (566981 bytes)
Mano Elementary School
2012_06_09_9414.JPG (621189 bytes) 2012_06_09_9415.JPG (568499 bytes)
 Mano Elementary School and Looc Elementary School
2012_06_09_9416.JPG (595143 bytes) 2012_06_09_9417.JPG (515297 bytes)
Looc Elementary School
2012_06_09_9418.JPG (594076 bytes) 2012_06_09_9419.JPG (587187 bytes)
Hagnaya Resort Straight on long rough rough road about 5 KM Entering San Remegio Proper
2012_06_09_9420.JPG (574079 bytes)
San Remegio Downtown Proper and the Road going to Bogo City




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